Lactic Acid – Understanding What It Is and Its Importance in the Body

Lactic Acid – Understanding What It Is and Its Importance in the Body

As you smash the weights at the gym or go overboard with the excitement of a weekend boot camp, you may realize that your body generates some hot sensations. The main culprit for this is lactic acid. However, it has often been confused that this acid is also responsible for muscle soreness when one blasts the body. The latest studies have proven otherwise; this is the work of microtears in the muscles, and they tend to recover faster when athletes take the right action.

Lactic acid is a type of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) generated by the body after heavy workouts. It is also found in sour milk caused by fermentation and naturally in citrus fruits. So, how does it get produced in the body after exercise?

Lactic Acid in the Body

During exercise, a lot of energy and oxygen is needed, which is why people breathe faster during physical activity. Oxygen plays a part in the breakdown of glucose into energy. But sometimes, the athlete could be working out faster than the oxygen is being supplied into the muscles. The body has to seek a booster for the glucose to energy breakdown.

The next possible option is producing lactate, which is achieved by breaking down pyruvate. When the process is prolonged further, the body starts to accumulate lactic acid, and this burns the muscles due to the high acidity level.

It is a common problem for beginners who embark on supplements and steroids from and other sellers because their bodies are boosted to work out more vigorously. The effect can be felt later, but it will clear very quickly.

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We have already seen that lactic acid helps in the provision of more energy at a faster rate so that the body can cope with workouts. Although it results from the breakdown, the entire process is crucial. While the process is important, people can keep the lactic acid down and thus lower the burning sensation.

How to Avoid Lactic Acid Accumulation in the Muscles

Drink a lot of water – We have heard a lot about the importance of staying hydrated during workouts. Now we have one more reason for this. As more water gets absorbed in the muscle cells, lactic acid gets diluted more effectively and the athlete will remain rejuvenated.

Appropriate pre-workout diet – Food that easily provides a lot of energy when it is broken down will keep the muscles well-fed with the energy they need to work out without strain. That is why some athletes in extreme training turn to supplements and energy-boosting drinks before they hit the gym.

Resting – If you check out any workout that is prepared by a professional, you will find resting time almost after every set of reps. This precious time stops the lactic acid buildup for a moment.


Now that we know what lactic acid is and why its production is important, it is time to lower it. When it is managed well to reduce the effect, athletes will hardly realize that the body produces it because there will be no burning sensation.

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