10 Home Remodeling Trends For 2019!

10 Home Remodeling Trends For 2019!

Every new year comes with new interior design trends and fads to consider. These trends ultimately force one to update their home with confidence. Previous year had witnessed a rising in trend in requests for rose gold, subway tiles and exposed lighting. They were the most preferred trends for 2018.

The new year 2019 has arisen with new decorating patterns. This year appears to be welcome great ideas coupled with stylish pieces for fresh designs of classics. Some designers have rightly noted that 2019 will be bringing with it some of the most fantastic home design trends that one cannot remain without noticing.

In the lines to follow, you are going to learn about some of the best residential home remodelingtrends for 2019!

Open Floor Plans

10 Home Remodeling Trends For 2019!

Even though this trend is in fashion for years, the buyers are still making high demands for open concept floor plans when they buy a new home. There is a reason this trend refuses to go out of fashion. Open concept floor plans come with multiple advantages and benefits. In addition to making your space look larger, they also convert cooking, dining and gathering spots into more relaxing and flexible spot. More often than not, a kitchen space is connected with a family room space. That way, it becomes easier to keep an eye on children’s activities without hovering over them. It will give you greater flexibility in your space to keep furniture and also arrange multiple seating areas.

Master Bedroom

residential home remodeling This trend is particularly going on among the luxury home buyers. The master bedroom suite is indeed a sanctuary to escape all of life’s harshness. The suite is a lot more than just a bathroom. It includes a large and luxurious bathroom. There are ‘his and her’ large customized closets and quite often an extra room that is typically used as an office or exercise room. Its bathrooms are equipped with all types of the bells combined with an upgraded shower. Some master bedrooms even come with such amenities as wireless music system and warming drawers.

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The Smart Home Concept

Technology has revolutionized every aspect of our lives. With changing times, both the home and the appliances in the home are turning smarter and smarter. There have been refrigerators that will alert you when the groceries run slow. You can now set coffee makers to program your coffee and brew it for when you get up. You can now adjust and manage all lighting and heating systems in your home from your mobile sets and tablets. You have a personal assistant called Alexa to help you. This smart home concept is pretty trendy for 2019.

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Multi-generational Designs

The past few years have seen an increasing trend towards multigenerational living as well as universal home design. That’s because more people are buying homes forever in which they’d like to age gracefully. Universal design means widening doorways and hallways that makes entry and exit from bathroom bathrooms easier. It is quite common for multigenerational homes to have 2 sections and each section has its own kitchen.

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Higher And More Interesting Ceiling Treatment

This is truly a fund trend. In many cases, it’s also an effective yet simple way to bring flair to one’s home without undertaking an expensive remodeling project. For rooms with higher ceilings, there has been a trend to add more interesting and varied ceiling treatments. These trends are sometimes simple and sometimes there are builders adding in different types of vaulted, coffered or tray ceilings. There is a lot that one could achieve with these projects. This mostly overlooked area will make a room look extra special. A quality custom kitchen remodeling in Ocean City NJ will add all types of treatment for your kitchen to protect it from the smoke.

Accent Walls With Deep Color

One of the easiest renovation jobs is painting. However, it could leave a profound impact on the looks and feels of a home. As homeowners are getting more into painting, they are also making daring experiments with accent walls. These types of walls are definitely an impressive way to bring depth and dimension to your room. There are certain dramatic and deeper colors for accent walls which include dark grays, navy and also black. Having an accent wall could be fun and it might also be a creative way to renovate a room after every few years. All it takes is changing the color of one wall!

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Intricate Patterns

Mosaic patterns are also becoming talk of the town. They can be fit in small defined spaces. Also, there have been occasional shapes and textures on the accent wall. There are many types of shapes but the most common ones are hexagons, chevron, harlequin diamonds and Moroccan tile. A surge in stenciling is also being witnessed.

New Mudroom Additions

This is trending with busy households that have kids running around. They are remodeling their main entrance area for the kids into mudrooms. These mudrooms are renovated with stylish tiles and cozy sitting areas for kids to put off their footwear. Because of this design, cleaning and organizing becomes easier. For some households, it is also serving as an additional storage area where bikes and other outdoor stuff can be kept.

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Renovating Home Offices

As increasing number of people are starting to work from home, they are becoming inclined to convert their spaces into a more comfortable and cozy environment. This could be achieve by transforming an empty or vacant space into an office. Some people have even used a portion of kitchen for this especially if they have a larger kitchen.


There has been a trend towards simpler and more streamlines designs. This means renovating different parts of home in a manner that is cozier and simpler to sit in. They do not involve a lot of colors or decorative items. With cleanliness and simplicity, this design is gaining vast popularity.

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Hello, my name is Tom Dexter and I have been in interior design business for last several years. Every year, we witness a change in customers’ preferences for interior home designs. Based on these trends, I am presenting to you the possible trends for home interior remodeling that are popular in 2019.

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