‘7’ Tips to Protect Your Teeth from Cavity!

‘7’ Tips to Protect Your Teeth from Cavity!

Healthy teeth and gums are one of the foundations of a dazzling smile, well-being and longevity. Caring of teeth is necessary, otherwise, diseases of the oral cavity will also increase. In addition, the poor condition of the teeth generates complexes in a person, makes him/her feel less confident. Therefore, it is important to have proper prevention, care and dental hygiene in regards to protect your teeth from caries, yellow plaque, cavity and other problems.

‘7’ Tips to Protect Your Teeth from Cavity!

Regular tooth brushing is a key to maintaining healthy teeth and gums, plus preventing various types of oral diseases. It is also important to make sure that you choose the right toothbrush that is right for your type of teeth and to adhere to the right methods for brushing your teeth. It will help to preserve the beauty of a smile and avoid diseases of the mouth and other organs.

However, here are the following tips to protect your teeth from cavity:

  • Brush Your Teeth Regularly Twice in a Day

Many scornfully refer to such important oral cavity prevention as brushing your teeth. In fact, daily cleaning your teeth of food debris and bacteria accumulating on them is really important. Cleaning is done twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. But, if you will not perform the right operation of brushing your teeth, then the bacteria will remain in the oral cavity and will continue to actively proliferate.

Poor prevention is quite risky and often leads to unpleasant consequences and significant expenses. Proper tooth brushing means brushing your teeth thoroughly in the entire surface of the teeth. Movement should not be smooth, but not very hard, so as not to damage the gums. You should move your brush from the base of the tooth to the cutting edge.

  • Rinse your Mouth with Mouthwash

Rinsing containing antimicrobial agents are used at least 2 times a day, because 12 hours after their exposure, the microbial association resumes its growth. In pharmacies and supermarkets, there are many mouth rinses, aimed at the prevention of several diseases at once. Usually, they contain anti-caries and anti-inflammatory components. Such rinses help prevent caries and periodontal diseases, as well as help fight bad breath. Proper oral care determines the normal functioning of many organs and body systems.

  • Regularly Visit to the Dentist
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The condition of the dentist’s equipment is improving every year. Therefore, dentistry is becoming more painless over time. It is recommended to visit the emergency dentists every six months, but in fact, the number of visits is individual and should be checked with your doctor. It is important to keep the situation under control. A person who remembers the prevention of dental diseases, only making small efforts will avoid unnecessary expenses and preserve nerve cells.

  • Pick an Optimal Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Brush eliminates bacterial plaque, neutralizes the negative impact of the remnants of gastronomic delights. Whereas, the toothpaste saturates with calcium, fluorine, whitens, which fights with tartar, inflammation, bleeding gum and strengthens tooth enamel. While selecting these tools, it is best to take the help of a dentist. After all, each paste has an individual composition while a brush has its own level of rigidity. The wrong choice will have a negative effect on the teeth or will not give the desired effect.

  • Cleansing the Tongue Properly

It is important to remember that bacteria live not only on the teeth. It is also recommended to clean the tongue carefully. Such a procedure is carried out with the help of special tools, or with the help of a usual spoon, which is really effective. To avoid problems, rinse your mouth with boiled water several times. Many people use special tools to cleanse the entire oral cavity. Now the stores offer us a wide range of products that help maintain the normal microflora of the mouth.

  • Using Dental Floss

If you use only a toothbrush, you can clean the external, internal and chewing surfaces of the teeth. Using dental floss helps remove food debris in between teeth. It is recommended daily to use dental floss because the accumulation of food debris can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Do not replace dental floss with toothpicks, as they can damage the gums and cause infection. Therefore, it is recommended to use dental floss. This simple device will also assist in the destruction of bacteria. With the help of dental floss, even those hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned. It is compact and easy to use.

  • Eat Healthy, Balanced Food
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Do not forget about such an important aspect for the proper care of teeth. The acid and sugar adversely affect the microflora of the mouth. But besides this, do not forget to replenish stocks of fluoride and calcium. Thanks to these elements, the teeth become stronger and healthier. You can take the necessary from products containing vitamin D, fluoride and calcium like fish and poultry meat, bread, dairy products, broccoli and others. Moreover, pharmacies have a huge range of natural vitamin-mineral complexes. Proper nutrition will not only strengthen tooth enamel and help reduce the number of bacteria but also affect the overall health of the person for the better.


An unpleasant smell can be a symptom of some internal diseases like sinusitis, problems with the gastrointestinal tract and others. The above-mentioned 7 tips will help you to protect your teeth from cavity. Proper tooth brushing combined with frequent visits to the dentist will protect your teeth to the fullest. The preventive examination will help identify teeth problems in time and avoid costly treatment disease.

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Dr. Omid Allan is a highly educated, skilled and experienced dentists with special interests in Dental Implants and Aesthetic Dentistry. He has been practicing dentistry since 1996 and been involved in implant dentistry since year 2000. Dr Allan is an inventor in the field of Dental Implants in Sydney. He has developed and patented an exclusive implant system known as Miniature Implants.

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