Simplifying the process of choosing an engagement rings

Simplifying the process of choosing an engagement rings

For those of you who got married or about to be, you probably wish you had some kind of information that will guide you through this complicated stage of choosing the perfect engagement ring.

There are many things you have to take in consideration: cart, clarity, color and cut. These parameters are the ones that separate an amazing stone from a fair one and without paying consideration to them you can get the wrong and less beautiful decision.

The diamond industry is famous for the stunning and gorgeous stones they offer us. These stones are used to decorate engagement rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and more. In order to choose correctly, according to your partners wish and the amount of investment you can handle, here are some important guidelines:

  1. Diamond “cut” – many people get confused with “cut” and shape of a diamond. While the shape represents the structure of the stone, the “cut” refers only to the light that reflects from it. An “excellent” or “ideal” cut is measured by the amount of light that comes from the top of the stone and if there is a leak from the side or the bottom the value is decreasing.
  2. Color – in order to measure color parameters we use specific letters (D-Z) that indicates the quality of the stone by a color scale. The letter “D” refers to a colorless diamond which is on the top of the color scale, while the “Z” letter represents a more yellow-brownish color and that is the bottom of the scale.

    The logic here is quite simple, as you go up the color scale the stone has more yellow color and there for the price is cheaper and the quality is “fair”.

  3. Shape – there are many types of shapes you can choose from. Oval, cushion, radiant and pear. In regards to the shape of the stone’ it is really a matter of a personal preference and you there isn’t any scale that can indicate which diamond you should get. We can say that lately we see a trend with pear shape because you can wear it on a finger with the edge pointing up or down.
  4. Carat – this parameter refers to the size of the diamond. If the number of carat is high there for the stone will be larger. It’s a common mistake to make the decision by the size of the diamond’ while in fact the “cut” or the color or more valuable by most experts.

Engagement rings are not made only with diamonds. When you look for the perfect ring, you want to think about the material that holds the stone. You can get classic yellow gold, white gold, platinum and even rose gold which became super popular in the past decade.

“Nature sparkle” invites you to look for the ring of her dreams by selecting throughout the mazing collection we have on the website. On each item you will get a detailed explanation with one of our experts and together you will find the perfect match for your partner.

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