Prepare well before you commence pressure washing your patio, deck, garage, sidewalk, or exterior. Precautionary measures must be taken in order to be on the safer side. Once you’ve begun the task, even kids would love to be around, and be a helping hand as they’ll get to play with water.

To carry out a detailed and through cleaning, you always have the option of Power Washing Servicesclose to your residence in Fenton MO. But if you want to give a shot, to a comprehensive exterior home cleaning yourself, it can be done with a few tricks, techniques and methods here and there.

Gas or Electrically Powered Washer?

The 2 question that pops in your head are: –

  • Whether I should buy or rent a professional pressure washer?
  • Next, should I decide upon a gas or an electrically powered washer?

Clear your doubts now, as pressure washers are affordable and helpful, that’s why go ahead with buying one. Renting it from a local shop can cost up to $100 per day!

Verily, a heavy-duty gas powered pressure washer is an ideal option here. Since cleaning your house is a big job in itself, a higher flow rate (GPM) would give quicker results consuming less time.

Use the Right Detergent

Using the right detergent is of utmost important because it will make the job simpler. Refraining from it’s use will risk in damaging siding of your dear home as more force would be required to remove the stubborn dirt and grime.

Specific detergent solutions available in the market, are particularly formulated to clean your house siding efficiently whether the siding is of vinyl, stucco, brick or wood.Its better to purchase environmentally friendly and organic solutions, as it’s a safer option if you’re worried about chipping that elegant exterior paint.

Due to time constraints, ask your friend or spouse to assist you with this work. Here, you’d apply detergent to one side of home at a time, while your friend can take charge of the wash down to clean away all the filth and mildew.

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Turn off the Power

It’s advisable to turn off the main power source, which is in the distribution board to all the outdoor electrical outlets!

As sometimes these electrical outletsaren’t fitted with waterproofed covers!Leaving the mainelectrical switch on is very dangerous as if water seeps into it, it could damage your home’s electricity system within seconds.

Clear Up the Area

In Professional Power Washing, the area that needs to be pressure washed must be cleared out. Plants, outdoor furniture, moveable benches and any decorative vases or pots must be removed for a specific time as high pressure may instantly break your ceramic pots.

Corners are usually the places which needs a lot of attention, a broom with slanting fine brushes can remove any obstinate dirt. Stains, can then be efficiently cleaned by setting the correct amount of force in the machine.

Once in a while, if you call up an expert to help you with the perfect setting of the equipment, this would work in your favor. Many companies would even aid you to an extent, that you can have the help of a professional worker, but since you just needs vigilance of an experienced personnel, a reputablecompany provides this type of service on unbelievably cheap rates!

Avoid Ladders

What’s safefor you is, to avoid using a pressure cleaner from a ladder.This is said so because the push back from the wand may cause you to lose your balance in no time, and fall down!

Commercial Pressure washers never uses a ladder because it is unsafe and risky. Although, at times to reach out to those high places is crucial and you’re only left with the option of a ladder. Like professionals, using elevated work platform vehicles, rope access techniques, scaffolding or justmaking use of extension wands would assist you to carry forward with the work skillfully.

Clean up Mold and Mildew

Best Power Washing near you in Fenton MO, would always take care of mold and mildew, eventually rendering the clients, a permanent solution from this dilemma.

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Here’s is what professionals do in case!

These health-hazardous substances can be easily removed by mold and mildew house and siding detergent,which is a safe pick for your pressure washer.

A helpful tip is to use a powerful turbo nozzle, and holding the pressurewasher of about 10-12 inches, from the concrete before it starts blasting. Typically, mold breaks up and is washed away quickly, leaving your concrete looking back at you like it’s brand new!

Selecting a Day to Pressure Wash

When you want to clean your gutters, side walk and that greasy drive-through, it should be done on a crisp day, when there is no wind, breeze and no signs of rain. Wind would be a definite hindrance,as it would alter the direction in which power washing is being done.

Significantly, try avoiding power washing the side of the house, if under direct sunlight, or wait till the afternoon or evening.

Telescoping Extension

If you can borrow or hold of a telescoping extension wand, it can easily pressure clean your gutters and even second storey exterior levels.As soon as this is done, allow everything to dry up for a few hours. Then you admire your efforts!

A point to remember is, that depending upon the type of your siding, you have to change the detergent and washing techniques accordingly.

Direction of Application

Remember you must apply the soap from the bottom up. While rinsing it away, that should be in the opposite direction i.e. from top towards down. It is recommended to avoid spraying up, especially into the bottom of the horizontal siding and instead, hold the wand straight, so that its perpendicular to the siding.

Even though hot water works best, but certain types of exterior paint may get damages if it’sway too hot, so one should carefully do the homework before they start this task!

) Guidance from a Pro

Of course, after surveying the best power washers in Fenton MO, you can always take guidelines from pros. Helpful tricks, minor details related to pressure washing will be discussed so that you can get the best outcomes!


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