5 Celebrity Hot Spots For Italy Destination Weddings

5 Celebrity Hot Spots For Italy Destination Weddings

Like average people, celebrities dream of lavish weddings. To make their dreams come true, they choose the perfect venues in the most romantic locations, which is why many opt for an Italy wedding. Italy is home to some of the most beautiful places in the world. The top five wedding destinations for celebrities are listed below.

Capri Island

Capri Island is known for its charm and beauty. The island is a favorite celebrity getaway, with elegant boutiques, restaurants, and hotels. It is also home to the JK Capri at Marina Grande. The JK Capri has the perfect backdrop for weddings and honeymoons, which is why it is so popular among celebrities.

Castello di Vincigliata, Tuscany

5 Celebrity Hot Spots For Italy Destination Weddings

Nothing says romance and elegance like Tuscany. Situated in the heart of Fiesole, the Castello di Vincigliata is ideal for small and large celebrity weddings. The castle’s Medieval architecture sets the stage for weddings and receptions. It has undergone 10 years of renovations, making it even more popular than ever before.

Lake Como

5 Celebrity Hot Spots For Italy Destination Weddings

Lake Como is home to one of the most popular villas in the world. The Villa del Balbianella has hosted a large number of weddings, including celebrities. Couples and their guests must hop aboard a boat and sail to a private boat landing to access the Villa. Most don’t mind because the ride itself is very romantic and many find it a bit mysterious as well.

Planning a wedding at Lake Como requires dedication, time and resources. And, most celebrities do not have the time to spare for such an ordeal. So, they prefer hiring a professional wedding planner to oversee the minor details. Luxury weddings should always be planned by a professional. Lake Como wedding planner is one of the most experienced and adept in the business.

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Kempinski, Venice

5 Celebrity Hot Spots For Italy Destination Weddings

Another hotspot for celebrities weddings is no other than Venice. The city is situated on a group of more than 100 islands. So, finding the perfect place for a celebrity wedding in Venice will never be an issue. Speaking of islands, how would you like to celebrate your wedding on a private island? Well, you can if you choose Venice as your wedding destination. San Clement is one of Venice’s most popular islands. Celebrities are drawn to the island because it guarantees tranquility and privacy.


5 Celebrity Hot Spots For Italy Destination Weddings

Located on the Italian Riviera is the small resort town of Portofino. The town is home to about 500 residents who live there year around. Like artists, celebrities are drawn to Portofino because of its picturesque views, elegance, and richness. The harbor is lined with restaurants, luxury hotels, and shops, all of which are frequented by none other than the rich and famous.


Italy is one of the most popular countries in the world for weddings and honeymoons. While the Italians are accustomed to playing host to celebrities on their wedding days, everyone is welcome. If you reside in another country, you may find it helpful to hire a wedding planner. This professional has contacts and knows the area very well.

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