Diamond Jewellery: a Good Investment

Diamond Jewellery: a Good Investment

If you ask elderly people, “Is diamond investment a good investment?” They would answer no because many people think that solid yellow gold is the best investment option, but the diamond investment is the best option. Stone studded jewellery such as diamond rings, gem earrings, etc., are made out of gold which is 14k or 18k. People will never think of putting their money in other than gold. But, interestingly, a wise investor will never invest in gold. They go for diamonds instead. ALINKA Fine Jewellery has some of the best collections of diamond ornaments. Many successful people’s portfolios have the diamond because it offers good returns. Price of diamonds raised in recent years. Several factors make diamond a reliable investment:

Size– The most apparent advantage of diamonds is size. Diamonds don’t take a lot of space for storage. A small piece of diamond is three times more valuable than gold jewellery. Such diamond jewellery like necklaces, bangles, rings, etc., makes a good investment. Many wise investors think a diamond investment is better than stocks and some other digital investments.

Durability– Durability is another benefit of buying a diamond because it is the hardest thing on the planet. Taking good care of ALINKA Fine Jewellery can last for a long time. This means one can wear an investment and enjoy it.

Diamonds are inflation-proof, just like gold, silver, and real estate, which is movable. Diamonds also have many financial benefits.

Returns– One should have the patience to get good returns on a diamond. Making diamond jewellery a long-term investment is a better option than a short-term investment. In a long-term investment, diamonds can give returns of triple and even more than that sometimes because the budget of diamond ornaments has a rapid growth in the market.

Design and finishing– Diamond ornaments have an extraordinary design that comes with a classy finishing. There are unique designs and patterns which give an elegant look and make diamond jewellery special among other ornaments.

Guidelines to be considered while buying diamonds

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Even though diamond is an excellent investment, one should start with small portions and then go for big amounts. Diamond should always be a side investment in a portfolio. There are few basics to be considered while buying a piece of diamond jewellery.

Learn basics– Before buying diamond jewellery, understand the concept of 4C’s, which are clarity, carat, cut, and colour. Clarity comes from fewer defects. Cut decides the design and gives perfection to a diamond. Carat is the weight of a diamond, and colourless or white diamonds have more value than coloured diamonds.

Set a budget– After understanding the basics of diamonds, now set a budget. The only thing is investing in diamonds shouldn’t be the only investment in a portfolio. However, investing in diamonds needs a high budget initially. After fixing the budget to be invested, buy certified diamonds. Certified diamonds will help while trading those diamonds.

Mistakes to be avoided while buying diamond jewellery

Firstly, a diamond cannot make anybody rich quickly. Diamond investment is a long-term investment. Diamonds increase their value over time.

The second mistake is people often sell diamonds for less price in the market. People should know the trick of when to buy and when to sell. This trick applies to diamond ornaments too. It isn’t easy to buy a diamond ornament at less price because of its market value.

The third mistake is buying the wrong diamond. Certification of a diamond plays a significant role. Always ensure that the purchased diamond is certified.

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