Best and Worst Mattresses

Best and Worst Mattresses

The mattress industry has seen a huge period of growth in the past few years. This is partly down to the ability to ship mattresses with greater ease and efficiency. By cutting out the retail stores, manufacturers are able to offer their products more cheaply and focus their expenditure on developing and delivering the quality product they envision.

This means that we are seeing a wide number of new mattress companies, as well as increased competition with familiar brands. It can be difficult to know which products deliver the best night’s sleep. We are also faced with numerous types of mattress, from spring to gel foam to hybrid. Since a mattress is a highly considered buy, one that we invest in, it is fundamental that we are able to understand the advantages and disadvantages of our potential purchases. So, to assist with this insight, here are the current best and worst types of mattresses available.

Losing Bounce

The age of the coil, or innerspring, is over. Although they remain widely sold, they offer few benefits, especially when compared to the comfort and support offered by the various types of foam mattresses. Review disparity between foam and coil mattresses increases each day. More people prefer foam. Much of the problem lies within the rigidity of the innerspring mattress. It is now understood that a hard mattress actually holds fewer benefits than we previously thought. In addition, while foam mattresses have been developed to accommodate our various sleeping positions, a classic coil mattress requires our adjustment to it instead.

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Staying Cool

Advancements in mattress design had helped us to achieve a cooler nights sleep. Previously, mattresses were built without body temperature in mind. However, now, with some products using latex and gel foam designs or copper embellishments, mattresses are now able to draw heat away from the body and distribute it across a more even surface. This means the sleeper’s rest is more regulated and balanced. Look to see if your mattress offers the same comfort or, if not, consider an upgrade to see the difference it makes.

Going Green

With a growing focus on sustainability and the ethical sourcing of materials, some mattress companies are doing their part. Many modern brands offer mattresses made from select materials that are better for the environment. Expert websites, such as, will detail each company’s claim to sustainability as well as describing each part of the mattress’ design and the materials used. So you can now sleep well with a clear mind.

Good Memory

Memory foam mattresses are the new standard. They continue to top polls and are looking to dethrone the ubiquity of the innerspring mattress. With varying degrees of support, they are able to offer comfort to each type of sleeper. Most companies are so confident with their quality and durability that they offer extended trials and generous warranties with each purchase. If you have not tried one yet, there is no better time to do so.

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