Important Facts About Concrete Floor Coatings And Its Impact

Important Facts About Concrete Floor Coatings And Its Impact

When a guest comes to our place, the first thing he notices is the floor. It plays a major role in our interior. In modern days, the flooring options are highly available to the people. But coating is now must on it to make it long lasting and protective. The concrete floors need to be therefore coated with the material that acts as a sealant for concrete floors.

What Are Concrete Coatings?

The concrete floor coatings are basically a thermosetting resin that is applied in the form of a coating. This is formed when one mixes one art of epoxide resin with one part of polyamine hardener. This is the one that acts as a catalyst and this is what gives the floor ample strength. This is not painted, and so t does not require drying. This is a coating that actually cures the floor. When both the parts are mixed, there is a chemical reaction that creates an exothermic curing process. This then, in turn, produces polymer structure that is very closely cross-linked. This ultimately gives the floor strength and durability. The coating is much thicker than the paint and so it tenaciously bonds to the properly prepared surface.

How And Why Is The Coating Used?

The concrete floor coatings can be used in all types of floors like commercial buildings, or walkways or maybe even walls or ceilings. It is quite common that it is used on garage floors. There are many advantages to use it like:

  • Durability: The concrete floor coatings are very important mainly because they make the floors more durable. It, therefore, lasts longer and resists considerable wear. Hence this will also save you money and then you can concentrate on other jobs of your own business.
  • Strength: Once you apply the coating material, it slowly gets converted to a solid polymer. This makes the floor incredibly strong and also prevents it from chemical breakdown.
  • Saves time: The coated floor can be easily installed and so if it used for commercial buildings, then one does not have to shut down the production. It can be installed within a very short period of time.
  • Low maintenance cleaning: The floor that has been coated no longer remains porous. Since it is sealed, it is very easy to clean and keep well maintained.
  • Aesthetic: The concrete floor coatings basically improve the aesthetic look of the building. The coatings are available in an array of colors as well as different patterns that will suit your specific style.
  • Chemically resistant: The coatings usually can survive the continued exposure to potent chemicals. Therefore, these coatings are actually perfect for warehouses or any other plants that can be exposed to such materials.
  • Safety: The coatings are resistant to temperature, slippage as well as the extreme impact of even fire. This helps to maintain the safety of the employees as well as the building.
  • Brightness: The coatings are also available in high gloss option. If this is sued, then it will improve the lighting in your building to quite a significant degree. This will be due to the reflection.
  • Helps the Environment: The concrete floor coatings are a great option especially for your business as it reduces the use of materials. This is a great alternative option to transform the floor.
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It at times becomes difficult to find a perfect floor solution that will stand tested for all time. The solution needs to be chemical, spill and stain resistant. In fact, all types of floors have some or the other disadvantage. The concrete coatings are excellent choices to meet a variety of requirements.

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