A Brief Guide To Maui Camping

A Brief Guide To Maui Camping

Maui Hawaii has long been one of the favorite destinations for both visitors from the American mainland – and for hordes of international tourists that flock to the Hawaiian island change in search of something that is rapidly becoming more and rarer – a slice of personal paradise. It has been estimated that Maui welcomes approximately 2.5 million visitors each year – and as these tourists disembark from either international flights or descend the gangplank from luxury cruise ships, they will quickly realize why this destination is one of the most sought after in the world – is that very definition of paradise.

Sparkling waters with visibility that seems to stretch on for hundreds of meters, lush tropical jungles, and sands that seem to glow with a vitality that is only matched by the richness and beauty of the island’s unspoiled sea life await those visiting the island.

Maui has been called the ‘Playground of the Wealthy’ – and there are certainly options when it comes to accommodation that will attract the mega rich. Ranging from villas to luxury hotels it is an island that has something to offer everyone.

However, many people are not only shunning those accommodation options that are geared to the wealthy – but they are also ignoring the many luxury and family resorts that make not only Maui- but the Hawaiian chain such an attraction. Instead, they are opting for something different – camping on Maui.

For these individuals, groups, and families the natural attractions of Maui can only be experienced in a way that is best described as ‘up close and personal’. There is no reason to doubt how rewarding a tour to one of the islands many attractions can be – but these are people who want to immerse themselves in the Maui experience. And for those who want to seize this opportunity, Maui will deliver that experience of a lifetime.

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Quick Tips,  it is essential to bring personal GPS tracking devices while camping. The camping trackers can share real-time location of every group member even when there’s no cellular service.

If you are considering the camping options on Maui – here are two great choices of sites that are well worth considering.

1. Waianapanapa State Park.

It may be that many visitors will be attracted to those pristine white sands of Hawaii’s famous beaches – but for those who want a truly unique experience then camping out under the stars on Pailoa Beach cannot be more highly recommended. The black volcanic sands are your base as you take the time to explore the wonders of this part of Maui’s coastline. Flooded lava tubes, tidal pools brimming with life and secret swimming holes that beg for an afternoon in the sun and clear waters. Choose from among the 12 cabins or reserve your spot on the grass to pitch your tent. Full amenities are available including restrooms, showers, and the all-important picnic tables. Cabins are $90 a night and camping sites $18 (for up to six people.

2. Camp Olowalu.

For those who want a touch of luxury thrown into their camping experience on Maui, this private camping site is ideal. It has been rated as the most comfortable and highest rated camping spot on the island. Visitors will be able to experience sea kayaking and simply taking in the incredible natural surrounds. It can seem a bit pricey at $750 to $1,100 a night for a cabin – but they do sleep 6 comfortably so the per person rate offers good value. Tented sites are $20 per night (per person) and there is also the option of ‘Tentalows’ which are great fun for the family who wants to rough it – but still enjoy great comfort. One of the most interesting camping options we found was a company called Kuleana Campers Maui. They rent you a vehicle and its equipped with a rooftop tent plus all the camping gear you need. This looks like a very good way to explore the island while hitting many different camping on Maui.

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The opportunity to visit Maui should not be missed and indulging in a camping experience on the island will provide memories that will last a lifetime. If you want to experience the natural beauty of the island and step off the well-trodden tourist path – that may well be the option for you.

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