Which Is Better, Shower Curtain Or Glass Door?

Which Is Better, Shower Curtain Or Glass Door?

Showers are great additions to any home. However, there are considerations that must be taken into account before and during the installation. One thing you must ask yourself is whether you want to install a shower door or just utilize a shower curtain. The answer will depend on several factors, including your needs, preferences and shower design.


A shower curtain works great in providing much-needed privacy for small and large families. The curtain is available in a variety of designs, all of which offer a considerable amount of privacy. The shower door, on the other hand, can provide privacy but the level of privacy may or may not be as high as a shower curtain. Since shower doors are mostly constructed of glass, they cannot provide the same level of privacy as a shower curtain. However, you can add etching, film and clings to the shower door to enhance the privacy.

Water Containment

Even though shower curtains can offer a higher level of privacy than shower doors does not mean they are perfect. The downside to shower curtains is lower water containment. Since the shower curtain is made of vinyl, plastic or fabric, it has the tendency to move around when the shower is on. Fortunately, manufacturers have taken the time to add magnets to their bottom of their shower curtains. The magnets are supposed to help keep the shower curtain from moving around, resulting in better water containment. Of course, the magnets will only help so much. So, water is still likely to seep through the bottom of the curtain and onto the bathroom floor.

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Shower doors are sealed with caulk to ensure better water containment. However, if the doors are not installed properly water and moisture will seep through the bottom and onto the bathroom floor. If the shower doors are installed and sealed by properly by a professional, they will not leak.


Comparing the aesthetics of a shower curtain and shower door is not that difficult. However, it genuinely depends on the homeowner’s taste. Some people find shower curtains unappealing, while others love the way they look. With that said, most homeowners prefer the aesthetics of shower doors to shower curtains. You will be the one who needs to decide which of these shower accessories is more suitable for your shower.


There is no doubt that shower doors cost more than shower curtains. However, when you consider the fact that shower curtains must be replaced at least once or twice a year, the costs will add up over time. Buying a shower door is most often a lifetime investment, whereas, shower curtains are not.

Depending on what brand of shower curtain you purchase, the durability may be lacking. For example, cheaper brands will not endure damage caused by normal everyday use. And, if you have children in your home, lower quality brands will likely not last more than a few weeks, which means they will need to be replaced quite often.

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