10 raised bed garden design ideas

10 raised bed garden design ideas

In earlier the sizes of houses were small, but the plain areas and garden areas were very large. In today’s arena, we can see how the sizes of houses are increasing and the size of gardens is decreasing. People are cutting down the forest areas for residential and commercial projects. People use the maximum part of their land in building their house and use very little space for a garden. Sometimes people have no space for a garden and they use planters to plant some natural beauty.

The reduction of greenery not only destroys the beauty of our earth but also creates big survival trouble for us. If the greenery continuously falls like this then our next generation has to depend on artificial sources of oxygen. The reasons behind the maximum use of land for constructional projects are:

• Rapid growth in population

• Fast industrial development

• Lack of interest in harvesting and gardening

• Tight schedules of people

Raise bed garden ideas have come with a wonderful solution for this condition. Raised bed garden gives an opportunity to design your garden beautifully in very less space. These garden ideas can also work for those who have large space to design their garden. The people who have large space for a garden can use lime & fertilizer spreaders to spread soil and fertilizers. But as we can see the trouble condition lacking space for a specific garden these ideas are more fruitful for people with lesser land or no land for a garden. This unique style of gardening gives you the freedom to create your own garden in a balcony, terrace, lounge room, or anywhere you want. These gardens look more beautiful and you can give them a touch of your creative mind to style in the most stylish way.

Below are 10 raised bed garden design ideas that can solve your space-related issues and can magically provide you a dream garden in your house or office:

  1. Cemented frame: Sometimes people like to do something by themselves. If you want you can hire labor to make a cemented frame for you in a boat shape, rectangular shape, a circular shape, or any other shape. Else you can do it on your own. Use concrete and cement to construct a frame. These frames are also available in the readymade form, but for a more suitable look, you can make them according to the requirement of your garden area. You can use some used bangles, tiles, and stone to decorate that cemented frame. This cemented raised bed garden idea will give a gorgeous presentation to your garden in a very low budget.
  2. Metal frame; Metal frame is very strong material and consumes very less space because it is made of thin metal sheet. It becomes easier to give them any shape you want. People who prefer to add a wow factor in their garden would really like this amazing idea. Raised bed of your garden by metal sheet frame will make an easy platform to separate and highlight the variety of plants in your garden.
  3. A frame with shade: Some plants cannot survive in heat. You can design a shaded raised bed so that your plant will feel more alive and fresh. You can also place two or three wooden stools under that shed frame, so that you may enjoy a seat after a walk in your garden.
  4. Border frame: If you do not have any place to design a garden then you can utilize the exit pathway of your house. You can use soil, or any of the above mention ideas to make a raised bed garden by the border frame on both sides of the exit way.
  5. Soil frame: Soil frame is the cheapest way to design a raised bed garden. To apply this idea you just need to put some extra soil to create a particular height. Soil frame will simply highlight the area. But remember that you can not apply this idea inside the home, or at your terrace, else you may face the problem of moisture and leakage of water. Try this idea for an outdoor garden.
  6. Use of waste stones and bricks with soil: You can also use the construction waste to create a raised bed garden. Simply design shape with some stones and put some soil inside to plant your lovely plants. The roots will automatically bind the soil; there is no need to use cement to fix the stones. To show your creative side you can paint the stones in some bright colors.
  7. Used water storage canes: Use your waste large size water canes to make a raised bed garden. You can cut these canes in some very attractive shapes and also can paste some attractive pictures of birds and butterflies. This idea is totally unique and easy to apply.
  8. Storage racks: Storage racks can also be used as a raised bed garden. You can use plastic, metal, or wooden storage racks and baskets to apply this idea.
  9. Stepwise frames: Make stepwise frames connected with the boundary wall to make a designer raised bed garden.
  10. A big frame with multi separators: Sometimes we have small size plants or herbs to plant. A big frame with multi separators is the best suitable idea to make your raised bed herbs garden more visible and attractive.
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You can use tailgate spreaders for your raised bed garden if your garden size is less spacious. If you create a garden then pay attention to the healthiness of the plants and grass. Make a perfect arrangement of watering the plants and drainage. A good drainage system will keep your garden protected from rottenness and bad smell. The more you will pay attention to your garden the more it will look more attractive naturally without too many additions. Select bright and flowery plants for your garden to make them full of beauty and fragrance. Try to make some extra space while designing a garden for your home. Apply this raised bed garden ideas in your garden and share the experience with others.

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