4 Essential Tips When Buying Your Shoes Online

4 Essential Tips When Buying Your Shoes Online

Shopping online is increasingly making more sense, especially with women’s shoes. 

Years ago, women found it a bit impersonal and detached, as holding the shoe or feeling its texture is an intimate part of their buying ritual. However, brands have significantly improved their websites, essentially guaranteeing a great user experience that will rival and even exceed retail shopping. It is now the more legitimate option, especially given the current health situation.

If you are looking for your next pair of Wittner shoes and considering shopping online, here are some ways to make the experience better.   

  • Go to websites that have zoom capabilities on shoe images.

A common complaint about online shopping is getting a realistic sense of shoe quality. Without the opportunity to feel the surface or see the finish, it can be hard to tell how it really measures up. 

Online retailers continuously find ways to work around this limitation, improving the images and functionalities on their website. Most upload clear and high definition pictures that are as life-like as possible. Some even add zoom capabilities that allow you to see the tiniest bumps and creases of the shoe at different angles. With these and many other features, you would be able to gauge the quality of the shoe fairly well. 

  • Check for images of models wearing the shoes you like.

Aside from the quality, another thing to consider when buying online is the style of the shoe. Looking at pictures of the shoe alone may not be enough. A good workaround is searching for images of those shoes being worn by models. This way, you will see how much of the toes are exposed or how far up the heel is the cuff. 

Other online retailers like Wittner shoes also have more creative ways of showing their products from different angles and perspectives. This will give you a good sense of how you would look in their shoes and make a better decision. 

  • Check if the online shop has an adequate return policy.
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It is normal to have a change of heart when buying shoes or to end up with a pair that does not live up to your expectations. This happens not only with online shopping, but shopping in general.   

Protect yourself from buyer’s remorse by ensuring the website’s return policy. This allows you to get a refund in the unlikely event that you get an inadequate product. Along the same lines, you should also choose a brand that offers an extensive warranty.

  • Familiarise yourself with the size charts of the brand.

Reputable online shops like Wittner shoes have true size fit, but others do not. It would be safer to take actual measurements of your feet and compare them to the size chart of the brand.   

Start by placing a foot on a clean piece of paper then tracing its outline with a pencil. Measure between the tip of the longest toe to the edge of the heel. Based on this measurement, look for the closest in their size chart. If you wear insoles, choose a size that is slightly bigger.

Buying your shoes online is more practical in many ways, the primary of which is that you can do it in the safety of your home. You can pamper your feet with a great-looking pair of shoes even during this difficult time. 

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