Visit Maalaea Harbor Maui, HI

Visit Maalaea Harbor Maui, HI

In 1793, Captain George Vancouver landed his ship in Maalaea, Hawaii. At that time, he introduced the first cattle to the area. Since that time, this beautiful harbor has served as its current status as a harbor, Maui’s first airport, and a major commercial port. The first airport was built in 1927 and the property was purchased from the Hawaiian Commercial & Sugar Company.

In 1998, the public were happy to see the opening of the Maui Ocean Center. Annually, thousands of visitors visit this beautiful location. The area is well-known for its incredibly fast waves which are called Freight Trains. Maalaea is a popular destination for surfers because of this challenging and rare surf break. Today, you will find many excellent restaurants and attractions throughout the region. The primary attractions in the area are the harbor and the aquarium.

There are many different ways to get to Maalaea but one of the best ways is to rent a four-wheel drive Jeep. This will allow you to enjoy nearby beaches and parks such as Sugar Beach, Baby Beach, Haycraft Beach Park, and of course, the beautiful views of the harbor. Crank up the Aloha tunes and spend a leisurely day exploring all of the many sights and attractions to see.

There are also excellent boat tours available in the harbor. Maalaea Harbor provides its visitors with a large selection of ocean tours including scuba diving, snorkeling, bottom fishing, whale watching, sailing, and the list goes on and on. You should note that all boat slip numbers are easy to locate and are listed on the piers. Odd number slips are located on the land side whereas even number slips are located on the ocean side.

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Some of the excellent tours from the harbor include Island Excursions (whale watching, sailing, snorkeling), Maui Magic (whale watching, snorkeling), Alii Nui (Sunset cocktail cruises), Maui Fun Charters (bottom fishing), Maalaea Sport Fishing (sport fishing), Trilogy (whale watching), and many others. You can also jump on a local ferry and travel to the neighboring islands of Molokai and Lanai.

Some visitors overlook Maalaea as an all-day destination. Unfortunately, if they do so they will miss out on wonderful attractions and activities that are definitely worthwhile exploring. From experiencing the graceful Green See Turtles up close to taking a boating tour, there always is plenty of action and adventure for everyone.

Some of the many popular activities in the Maalaea vicinity include snorkeling, scuba diving, snuba, paddle boarding, whale watching, surfing, rappelling waterfall tours, bottom fishing, swimming like a mermaid, zip lining, jumping on a trampoline, escape room mysteries, sunset cocktail and dinner cruising, golfing, and visiting the most prestigious and largest aquarium in Hawaii.

After all of these amazing activities you might find yourself a bit hungry. Maalaea Harbor restaurants have many great choices to choose from. Seascape is a very nice upscale spot and you can’t go wrong with Beach Bums or Tante’s Fish market Bar & Grill. Many of the boat tours will have appetizers to hold you over until you get back to the harbor, but we recommend you checking out one of the Maalaea Harbor shops restaurants.

The Maui Ocean Center is a definite destination for visitors. It will be an excellent choice for the whole family to learn about the amazing variety of marine life in Hawaii. It is a great place to take the kids on a rainy afternoon. There are special talks by marine specialists, and you can even take a dip into a saltwater shark tank. Some of the special exhibits include the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, Sea Jelly Gallery, Hammerhead Harbor, and the Tide Pool.

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