Essential Oils for Children’s Cough

Essential Oils for Children’s Cough

As an adult having congested chest, cough and cold sucks big time but imaging how would your child be facing it. This condition is simply twice as worst for children. There are certain essential oils which you can use for your child’s cough. Surely, they will get a quick relief from their coughs and colds.

How to deal with that Stubborn cough your kids have?

Kids tend to get infections all the time, and cough infections are highly contagious. Kids have a number of activities like going to school or playing in the field and they can get easily infected by others.There are three main types of coughs. These are as under:

  • Wet cough – Comes with a lot of fluid or mucus, and it is an indication of lower respiratory infection.
  • Dry cough – The dry cough usually gets worst by the night time and can get persistent and cause immense pain. It is not accompanied with mucus.
  • Whooping cough/pertussis – Frequent coughing fits of about 5 – 15 coughs at one time, it can also cause shortness of breath and is highly infectious.

Coughs are triggered by viruses and bacteria that enter and infectthe entire respiratory system. the Overflow of sputum and inflammation in the lungs are two main outcomes of these bacteria entering your system. There are a number ofnatural remedies which you can use for treating cough such as eating foods that boost immunity and eating antibacterial food such as honey and garlic and of course, using essential oils for kids cough.

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Why Use Essential Oils for kid’s Cough?

Usually doctors prescribe a lot of antibiotics and syrups which can be used to treat cough, but antibiotics come with a number of problems.

  1. They are generally over prescribed – Antibiotics if over-prescribed can be dangerous and can causing life-threatening and contagious bacteria to become resilient.
  2. Cough syrups are loaded with sugar and unnecessary fragrance andsynthetic colouring– Again consuming too much sugar can be bad for the health of your kid since it lowers down the immunity and depletes the stored nutrients of the body. It can also causeproblems in their conduct and behaviour. Artificial fragrances and synthetic colouring can disrupt hormones and are carcinogenic.
  3. Antibiotics kill ALL bacteria – As a fact, one needs good bacteria in body as well since they play a bigger role in enabling proper absorption of nutrients and supporting the immune system. They also regulating hormones. If the antibiotics remove these good bacteria the body becomes vulnerable to disorders and diseases.

Why to use essential oils?

Essential oils are natural and plant-derives precious substances which have immense healing abilities. Some of these essential oils even fight such bacteria which even antibiotics are not able to kill. As a fact, a number of studies have proved how effective these essential oils are as compared to antibiotics.

How to use essential oils?

The essential oils for kids cough can be used in two ways:

  • Chest Rub
  • Steam inhalation

However, it is also recommended that you consult your doctor before using these essential oils for your kids.

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