How to build a brand

How to build a brand

Building a brand is easy if you have an iconic product.  What if you have a practical product like roller doors on a garage?  How do you make your product recognizable, carrying a reputation that will sell for you?

Branding is as important to small businesses as it is for large corporations.  The appeal may be local, but the sense of identity is essential.  There are easy steps you can take to build the brand for something as simple as roller doors.

Understand your identity

Your identity is the core of what your business does and what it values.  A company that provides a product such as roller doors would want to focus on the quality of engineering and the security of the final fit, for instance.  A person fitting a new garage door wants to know a) that it will keep the car safe and b) it will always work.  When you understand your identity, this is the branding message you communicate to the customer through your logo, through your testimonials, through your social media content, and more.

Remember your consumer is savvy.  They see much advertising and are more cynical than they are loyal.  Therefore, to create a sound customer base there needs to be a tone of sincerity and authenticity about your brand.  If you are going to brand yourself as a family run business, it helps if more than one member of the family is on board, for instance.

Focus on what is driving business to your company

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How to build a brand

Look to the more substantial competition and the local heroes of your product and consider what drives business.  You should also self-reflect.  When people talk about your roller doors, do they gush about the look and the attractiveness the doors bring to the outside of the house? Do people comment on the smooth action of the roller mechanism?  Understanding why people choose your product helps you to build the message for your brand.

Be consistent but not repetitive

If you have decided you want to be the latest industry driver in roller door technology and security, then this message needs to be consistent across your output.  The tone of voice you use should be driven by a desire to innovate, as much as the chosen copy for an ad or social media post.  Equally, if you have selected to be friendly and local, then this must be consistently applied to build your identity.

Although you need consistency, you do not want to be repetitive.  A slogan is important as a standard part of your logo and branding, so you should repeat this.  However, when communicating with your customer about your product you need to find ways of saying the same thing but in refreshing ways.  Keep the message identifiable but expressed in exciting ways.

A logo is essential, but it isn’t everything

Any branding site you go to will start with the idea of a logo.  A logo is necessary, but it isn’t everything.  It does communicate the sector, the values and the identity of the company.  However, the content you produce needs to be worthy of having your logo stamped onto it.  Every letter, flyer, online communication that carries your logo should also communicate the desired values of your company: whether it is a dedication to high standards and security of roller garage doors, or whether it is how much value they will add to your property.  A consistent message with an obvious connection to your company is your route to a brand identity.

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