A Brief Guide to Reticulation Installation

A Brief Guide to Reticulation Installation

Most people enjoy a beautiful green lawn for the summer; it’s a magnificent landscape to survey from your home, and it makes a great talking point. However, in our locality, a great lawn requires some work and a great deal of efficient watering. This is where an irrigation installation can really help to distribute the water evenly across the entire lawn. If you’re considering a retic installation, we will offer some helpful advice in this brief and informative guide.

Understanding Residential Irrigation

Many people that don’t have a residential irrigation system, focus on the parts that they can see, which are the sprinkler heads. There is actually a lot more going on behind the scenes to deliver good water coverage for the lawn. There will be water supply lines sunk underground that feed the aforementioned sprinkler heads or a drip line system. A drip line system delivers the water to the roots of the grass rather than across the surface of the lawn. Both methods are effective, and they can be used in a programmed and regular fashion. This will make it simple for the homeowner to schedule their watering as they wish and to conform with their watering roster.

Installing an Irrigation System

If you need constant watering an irrigation system is the best way to go. The water can be delivered early in the morning or after sunset to ensure that the water isn’t lost to evaporation and wasted. This can happen while you’re at work or before you even get up in the morning automatically. However, this is an involved process, and the water lines will have to be laid under the lawn. Sadly, this will involve some digging during the installation, and this should be done by professional. Obviously, this costs time and money, and your lawn will need time to recover. It’s essential to hire a professional company like Luke’s Landscaping to carry out this work. The last thing you need is a poor quality installation because the lawn may have to dig up again. This disruption can damage the lawn further, and it should be avoided as much as possible.

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We also offer water bore installation in Perth to help give people access to a cheaper water source which can dramatically lower watering costs. Consult our team on the best way to get a water bore installed on your Perth property.

The Irrigation Components

Every residential irrigation system is comprised of a number of different components. The most vital part is the water supply pipes that are located under the lawn. These will be connected to the garden bore or home water supply, and then they will branch out to supply water to each sprinkler head. There are two main types of sprinkler head; they are rotating and fixed. The sprinkler heads are distributed evenly across the lawn and garden to ensure even coverage of water. There will also be a control system to help you to program when you want the water to be delivered. Always carry out some research or ask a local expert before you commit to buy if you’re uncertain which system will suit your needs.

If you’re considering a reticulation installation or an Irrigation Perth get in touch with Luke’s Landscaping. We are the local experts on reticulation installation Perth residents can trust.

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