3 Main Advantages of Using Hand and Body Lotion for Sensitive Skin

3 Main Advantages of Using Hand and Body Lotion for Sensitive Skin

Both men and women want the best that life has to offer and having healthy skin is no exception. A baby has the most youthful glow because of soft, new skin. But as people age, so does your epidermis, and you see the first signs of aging on it. Bad habits, an unhealthy lifestyle, heredity, and the harsh rays of the sun damage it. If left unchecked, irreversible and irreparable impairment happens via rougher skin, the loss of elasticity, and a more fragile, easily bruised skin-surface. So it is a good thing that products like a Hand and Body Lotion can slow down the process. 

But what works best for you may not work for another. While there are a lot of creams and lotions out in the market, not all of them are suitable for skin. People who have sensitive skin, in particular, are very picky when it comes to cosmetic products. One trigger is excessive dryness which is enough to cause itching, rashes, and boils. These may lead to medical skin conditions such as allergies and eczema. But that skin type is also the one that usually needs the most moisture. Using a naturally-made Hand and Body Lotion helps in reducing dryness and slowing down the aging process.   

Naturally rehydrates skin

Whether you live in cold or warm weather, the skin will always be exposed to air and other chemicals. Water also dries both hand and body quickly because it can remove the natural oils and moisture of the skin. Prolonged exposure to liquids will make it prone to dryness and roughness. You will notice this whenever you wash the dishes or after you take a bath. Dry skin not just makes you lose elasticity, but also makes it prone to easy breakage and irritation. Lesions and wounds may appear whenever you stretch. It may even feel itchy and prickly, causing you to scratch and make more wounds or bruises appear on the surface. 

Applying lotion keeps the skin hydrated, which makes it less susceptible to wounds that take a longer time to heal. And the best thing about a hand and body moisturizer is that it also replaces the body’s natural oil and moisture. So there are more chances of better dermal health by retaining its natural softness and smoothness. 

No synthetic materials

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“Parabens” and “phthalates” are some of the terms that are currently becoming popular due to its harmful health effects. These are preservatives and fragrances found in some lotions and creams. They are also responsible for an irrational endocrine system because these inhibit or mimic proper hormone function. 

Fortunately, organic or naturally-made lotions or creams are safe for topical use. These contain renewable and plant-based ingredients that have less of an effect on the daily operations of the body.

Improves skin elasticity

Most lotion believers use it at least once or twice a day. Aside from its wrinkle-altering effects, it also contains ingredients that help improve the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. The pores open up while you sleep, which supports nutrient absorption. So using it at night is effective in repairing damaged skin. 

Also, free radicals are one of the key elements of major damage. Fortunately, the skin regenerates every twenty-eight days. When you use body lotion at night time, it softens the epidermis. Dead skin cells detach faster, and cell renewal makes it fresh and healthy.

Look younger than you are by taking care of your skin properly. Adding sufficient moisture enables you to slow down the aging process and make you look radiantly more beautiful than ever.

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