How to Clean Your Plastic Door Curtains

How to Clean Your Plastic Door Curtains

From reducing noise to helping contain heat in a warehouse or coolness in the chiller, the striped plastic curtain is a common site in many industrial settings. And they are used across a range of industries, from food to building material depots.

Keeping plastic door curtains in good condition brings many benefits. Not only does it look better, but it also lasts for a long time – as it should! For some clients, keeping their plastic door curtain hygienically clean is a requirement of their day-to-day cleaning schedule.

But just how do you keep the plastic curtain looking great and doing its job? It’s easier than you think.

Choosing the right product

Before we examine the cleaning process, we need to take a step back to the point where you decided on which plastic door curtain to buy.

When you are at the point of buying a PVC strip curtain, you need to be clear with your chosen supplier the environment in which it will be used and why you need it. This ensures you get the right grade of PVC curtain. For example, in a cold store where the temperature is expected to be at a freezing point, a low-temperature grade plastic door curtain is the better choice.

Cleaning your plastic door curtains

It is important to understand that your plastic door curtains will need to be cleaned. And we have the perfect guide for you;

* Make cleaning your curtains part of a regular cleaning schedule – ‘regular’ is defined by how often the plastic curtains are used. For some customers, the plastic curtains are used several times a day, with people and machinery being driven through on a regular basis. This means that they pick up dirt a lot quicker. Regular may mean a weekly clean or it could be less frequently when the curtains are used less frequently.

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* Spot cleaning – it is important that any stains or marks are wiped away immediately. This means there is no sticky residue to attract dust, or germs and pathogens, that contribute to the plastic door curtains staying in great shape.

* Cleaning materials – plastic door curtains are relatively robust. They need to be considering the use that they get but it is important to treat the material with respect. Using abrasive cleaners dents and scratches the surface of the plastic, meaning that dirt, stains and so on, can get a much better grip. Some chemical cleaners are also abrasive, slowly depleting the quality of the plastic strips.

* Specialist cleaning – for some customers, keeping the plastic door curtains hygienically clean is essential and as such, they may use a cleaning solution that gives a very hygienic finish. But again, make sure you use a solution in the correct dilution so as not to mark the surface of the plastic.

Just how do you clean PVC door curtains?

The answer is simpler than you think!

A bucket of warm water with a dilute, non-abrasive ‘soap’ cleaner, a soft bristled brush, sponge or lint-free cloth will do the job that you need.

Using a non-abrasive cleaner means the surface remains unscratched. Warm water brings off most stains and marks, although you could use the cleaner undiluted on these areas. Using a lint-free cloth means no streaks of small pieces of cloth are left behind.

All you need to do is wipe down so there is no soapy residue and that really is it.

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Cleaning means your striped plastic door curtains last longer and performs well for their entire lifespan. And because damaged strips can be easily replaced, they make a great investment for any warehouse, cool store or storage area.

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