Baby Care Tips: Nail Clipping Done Right

Baby Care Tips: Nail Clipping Done Right

When it is time to take care of the baby, parents need to do it correctly all the time. There is a specific way to give a baby a bath, to clean their dirty diaper, and even what food to feed them. Babies are sensitive to everything, so parents should handle them extremely delicately.

One part of cleaning a baby that some parents still have is when they clip their nails. The nails of babies are also too delicate that parents should use specific nail clippers like the nail snail. The usual nail clippers are huge for a baby’s nails. That is why parents should get clippers that are specifically designed for babies. You can follow a few simple tips if you are new to clipping a baby’s nails.

The Best Method of Cutting a Baby’s Nails

For any new parent, clipping the nails of your newborn baby’s nails for the first time is a scary thing to do. The nails are so small that one wrong move can injure the baby’s fingers, which is why there are specially designed nail clippers like the nail snail that you should get. Having these baby nail clippers will help you clip your baby’s nails effectively without having to worry about their fingers getting hurt.

When you start clipping their fingernails, you need to hold the baby’s finger firmly. Make sure to hold it gently enough that it will not move around. You have to face the front of the finger away from you to get a clearer view. After that, slowly cut the nails while keeping in mind not to clip too low and hurt the fingers’ skin. And if you are going to cut the baby’s toenails, you do not necessarily have to clip them by following the shape of the toe. You can simply cut the nails straight across because the nails on their foot tend to grow slower than the ones on the fingers. Usually, you might clip their fingernails more than their toenails.

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A great tip when clipping a baby’s nails is to make sure they are asleep. If your baby is a heavy sleeper, you have the upper hand because you can freely clip their nails without them having to move around too much. Make sure you always carry around their nail clippers so that you can clip their nails whenever they are sound asleep. It can come in handy when your baby falls asleep better when outside rather than at home in their crib.

Never Nibble a Baby’s Nails

Some parents might have forgotten to bring their baby nail clippers. When other people want to see the baby, the parents have no choice but to nibble on the baby’s nails to cut them. Nibbling on their nails to cut them is not advisable as several issues may happen, such as accidentally biting and peeling a small piece of skin on their fingertips. This can cause significant pain to the baby’s, which no parent would ever want. Nibbling can also potentially transfer harmful germs and bacteria onto the baby’s hands, and every parent knows that they love to put their hands in their mouths most of the time.

Now that you know a few tips for clipping a baby’s nails, it can give you enough confidence to clip their nails without having to fear anything terrible happening to them. You should always keep baby nail clippers at all times to ensure you can clip them anytime, anywhere.

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