Riga – Icy Baltic air that cools fiery party atmosphere

Riga – Icy Baltic air that cools fiery party atmosphere

Latvia is without a question the most entertaining nation of Baltic lands. Its capital city Riga serves as a party stronghold for all visitors eager for relentless nights full of drinking and partying until the afternoon the next day! There is always an army of travelers entering and leaving this city at any moment.

They bring back home stories of pristine looking architectural masterpieces as well as some of the most beautiful women and best party possibilities. Get ready to fall in love with every fun option this city has to offer.

The Art-Nouveau covered streets hide the provocative places where thousands of visitors spend their Riga stag do weekend annually. Compact in size, Riga will leave you with the opportunity to witness so much of Latvia history, culture and everything it brings with it in just a few days.

Guided tours are the most common thing among newcomers as they prove to be very useful for everyone who wants to instantly get to know Riga better.

For other more adventurous souls, the exploration usually starts with climbing the tower of the San Pedro church. From there you can enjoy an extraordinary panoramic view of the historic center, which is bounded on one side by the Daugava river and on the other by the Pilsetas canal.

That breathtaking view should give you indications where it would be the most interesting place to head off to. Every route that you chose will be a suitable one since the exploring of the city will come at the end in a form of circular walking of the city which will at the end reward you with the complete discovery of every corner at the end.

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Around those same corners, you can find cozy bars and pubs that not only server very affordable drinks but also many of them are decorated in unique Latvian style and picturesque exterior. Riga is known for wooden style architecture and many households and restaurants will be represented in such a way for your amazement.

Riga - Icy Baltic air that cools fiery party atmosphere lit up

Traditional Latvian cuisine is meat based and goes perfectly with a glass of large beer and a hot debate with your friends on “How to kickstart those famous Riga nocturnal festivities”.

Riga’s officials today are orienting on developing nighttime entertainment like never before.

Since this city is a major university hub in the Baltics it always had a huge number of youngsters eager for best party possible. All they needed to do was to attract as many foreign visitors as possible and the unforgettable nighttime will be assured for all.

Riga - Icy Baltic air that cools fiery party atmosphere partying disco

The city is vibrating with Electro sound that dwells through stone paved medieval streets. There is a place for every taste here but, the main attraction here is electro-dance clubs where beautiful Latvian women dance until the sun rises again. This city is considered to have more female models per capita than any other place in the world!

For many male visitors who came for the first time here, the Latvian ladies proved to be the greatest national treasure in their opinion. Some of them lost their minds on the first sight of their beauty, many others enjoyed “forbidden fruit” while they could, and nearly all of them swear that outdrinking them is quite impossible.

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Whatever your perforations for fun in this party hub might be. One thing is for sure and that is the unique feel of satisfaction that will win over your body as you try to examine what you and your friends had a chance to witness with your first visit to this Baltic paradise.

In conclusion

Riga - Icy Baltic air that cools fiery party atmosphere frozen water ice

Beautiful women, various unusual options for spending nighttime, and all of that in combination with more than affordable prices. That would be in short terms the winning strategy of Rigas tourism card. For all that is worth, each hour spent in Latvian capital will fly so fast that once the trip starts coming to an end the only thing on your mind would be how to come back for some of that sweet sensation that you felt under the Baltic sky.

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