5 Tips You Can Use If You Are Moving In With Cats And Dogs

5 Tips You Can Use If You Are Moving In With Cats And Dogs

For an eco-friendly person, moving into being a pet owner doesn’t have to interrupt your environmental plans. There are many ways to make pet ownership environmentally friendly, aside from spaying, neutering, and adopting from a licensed shelter that is.

It might take a little extra expense and some time, but nearly everything about pets can become biodegradable, and the animals can even help you lower your carbon footprint and reduce the excess waste they produce.

  1. Bathroom habits

When your dog does his business, the first thought might be to simply pick it up in a plastic bag and toss it out. However, using dog poop as part of compost to use its nutrients is a good option. It does have some specific rules for use, but it can be done.

Cat litter can also be found in environmentally friendly and biodegradable options as well, further helping the environment.

  1. Make treats instead of buying them

Dogs can eat quite a lot of human foods, such as apples and peanut butter, and using some excess food to make a good supply of treats cuts down on the waste from packaging. In addition, they can also be healthy alternatives for your pooch, and allow you to control what goes in their body.

Catnip or catgrass is a good kitty treat to grow yourself, and will not only make your cat happy but will also help your green thumb as well.

  1. Use eco-friendly toys

Rather than buying several plastic toys that all will eventually break under your pet’s teeth and claws, make your own! Tie some old blankets or pillow cases together to make rope toys, use an old ball, or buy toys made from recycled plastics.

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For cats, using balls of foil, paper towel rolls, and cardboard are easier and cheaper alternatives to expensive toys and habitats. As long as little items don’t get torn apart and become swallow or choking hazards, homemade toys are fun and environmentally friendly for your PET.

  1. Hygiene cleanup

For unfortunate accidents, use cloth towels instead of paper, and make homemade cleaners to remove the smell and odor. For example, use vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and oils to mix up an environmentally friendly cleaner. Keeping water usage in mind when it comes to washing pets is also a good idea.

  1. Getting around

Instead of driving to the nearest dog park to give your pets some entertainment, try to take a walk around the block first. Take your pet with you during trips, or attach their kennel to a bicycle and ride around town. Walking will provide just as much benefit to you as it will your pet, and will keep the earth cleaner too.

Having a pet provides some major challenges for an eco-friendly owner, but it isn’t impossible. You and your pet can both do some good for the earth and help make the world a better place.

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