Income Potential for an Esthetician: The Sky is the Limit

Income Potential for an Esthetician: The Sky is the Limit

Lately there has been an increasing demand for skincare specialists and medical estheticians. The beauty industry is growing at an astounding rate, and that growth is projected to continue over the coming years. If you are considering a new career, becoming an esthetician may be an incredible opportunity for you.

What is an Esthetician?

Estheticians are experts in skin wellness and rejuvenation and therefore can help clients achieve beautiful, youthful skin. They are tasked with performing treatments such as waxing, chemical peels, facials, body wraps, and massages. Alternatively, they also provide a spiritual and mental benefit, as skincare is a technique used for self-care routines.

Becoming an esthetician is simple as the job boasts a low barrier for entry. Typically, a high school diploma and a beautician school certificate is all one needs to start work. The nature of the work also leads to a flexible, entrepreneurial lifestyle. You are your own boss, and that means you control how much you work, how much you make and where you want your business to go.

But before taking the plunge into becoming an esthetician, you should first determine your earning potential as a professional esthetician. Below we will walk you through all the steps to determine which type of esthetician you should become and the earning potential of each path.

Different types of estheticians

As an esthetician, there are multiple paths you can take your business towards. Therefore, your income potential as an esthetician is dependent on which direction you elect to take.

Salon esthetician

A salon esthetician describes professionals working in a state licensed salon or spa. They are sanctioned to perform a variety of procedures from waxing and sugaring to body wraps and facial treatments.

Skincare specialists

Clients often seek out esthetician for professional advice on proper skincare procedures catered specifically towards their lifestyle and goals. As a skin care specialist, you will work to meet the individual needs of each client.

Wax Specialist

A certified wax esthetician works in a salon and specifically provides expert waxing treatments such as underarm, bikini, leg and back waxing.

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Makeup Artist

A makeup artist does not directly perform any treatments, nor do they work to increase skin health. Instead, they use makeup techniques to boost the aesthetically positive qualities of the skin while concealing any negative aspects.

Brand Representative

Brand representatives utilize their social status and channels to promote specific brands. For instance, a beauty blogger may consistently refer to a specific brand on their social media accounts. Chances are, they are working as that brand’s beauty ambassador.

Spa Therapist

A spa therapist works in a salon or spa and offers services such as massages, body scrubs, baths, and body wraps. They may also specialize in relaxation techniques such as aromatherapy, mud baths, and hot stone massages.

Medical Esthetician

Medical estheticians focus on clinical procedures and therefore work under the supervision of a doctor in a hospital, medical office or a medical spa. As a medical esthetician, you will work with patients suffering from skin issues relating to injuries or illness such as post-chemo skin treatment or burns.

However, a medical esthetician is not a medical professional. They do not perform invasive procedures and cannot diagnose any conditions, prescribe medicines or treat skin disease. They are instead trained to recognize these issues and then refer you to the proper medical specialist.

How much can an esthetician make?

As an entrepreneur, the income potential of an esthetician theoretically is without any cap. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a national average yearly salary for a skin care specialist is approximately $30,000. The income ranges from around $18,000 per year for a starting salary to $60,000 per year for the top 10% of earners in the field.¹


Factors such as location, specialization, and employer type all come into play when determining income. Top earners in the field tend to work in medical locations such as medical spas or hospitals.

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How to increase your income potential as an esthetician.

Estheticians are in control of their income potential. It is up to them to determine how much or how little they make. Therefore, there are a few steps you can take if you would like to earn more as an esthetician.

Sell Products

Selling skincare products is a surefire way to boost your income. If you work through a salon or a spa, you are most likely receiving a commission on products sold. If the product is good and you sell it well, clients will return to you again and again for more sales and therefore, more commissions.


Becoming an expert in your field is critical if you want to reach your income potential. Once you’ve selected a niche, consider investing in continuing education and certifications that will prove your expertise. Once you are viewed as an expert, clients will begin to seek you out specifically, and therefore, you will be able to command higher rates.

Attend trade shows

Attending trade shows is critical for networking, staying relevant and accruing the knowledge required to bring the most value to your clients.

Insuring yourself as a professional esthetician

A career as an esthetician is a fantastic path for increasing your income potential while also helping clients achieve healthier skin but remember, it is a business, and you are going to want to protect your assets. To ensure that your hard-earned practice is protected from risky lawsuits, consider a Professional Liability policy.

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