Track Your Blood Pressure with The Best Hypertension Apps

Track Your Blood Pressure with The Best Hypertension Apps

High blood pressure affects 1 out of every 3 people, with more chances of developing it as you become older. Unfortunately, the exact causes of high blood pressure are not known, but there are many factors that can play a role, including diet, physical activity, genetics, age and more. So, even if you don’t suffer from high blood pressure now, it is a good idea to stay active and eat well to lower the odds of developing it!

Just a few weeks ago, I got to spend some time with my grandmother, and one of the topics we discussed was how she deals with her high blood pressure. Although she does a great job at taking care of herself and avoiding hypertension triggers, it is certainly quite a bit of work to keep track of every blood pressure measurement. So, I decided to do some research to find the best apps for hypertension management. After spending some time doing research and testing different apps, I narrowed down my top 3 favorites and reviewed them.

iBP Blood Pressure – Rating: 4.6, Downloads: 10K+

My top pick is iBP Blood Pressure. What I really like about it is that you can use it to keep track of the health of everyone in your family. By creating customized profiles, all the information is stored separately. And each person can set their own color themes too! I found it easy to enter blood pressure information as you can enter values using large dial pads with just a few taps. I also liked that blood pressure values are color-coded, so you can easily identify if they are within the normal range, too low or too high! Additionally, you can instantly view your health history with graphs and statistics at your fingertips. 

Do you take blood pressure measurements several times a day? If you do, then I can imagine it will become tedious to enter measurements manually every time. Thankfully, iBP Blood Pressure is compatible with the Withings Blood Pressure Monitor & Wireless Scale, so all your measurements are instantly synchronized and recorded in the log. Although I do not personally own a compatible blood pressure monitor, I know my grandmother will quickly get one if it means she won’t have to manually write down values ever again.

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Pros: Customized profiles for multiple users, graphs and statistics, color-coded values

Cons: Manual entry can become tedious over time

Overall: Great for keeping track of the health of everyone in your family, but you will have to enter data manually if you don’t own a compatible blood pressure monitor

Blood Pressure Log (Android) – Rating: 4.7, Downloads: 500K+

My second pick is Blood Pressure Log for Android. I found it to be a great choice if you want to keep track of more than just your blood pressure. Not only can you track your blood pressure measurement, but you can also record the time, the cuff location and whether you are sitting or standing! I also liked that you can record your weight, glucose level, and oxygen saturation too. I was also impressed by the range of detailed charts for easily viewing your blood pressure history and trends.

The only drawback I found is that It doesn’t keep track of long-term trends. The statistical data and charts are great for viewing trends for past months. But if you want to go back a couple of years, I would recommend my last pick Blood Pressure Companion Pro.

Pros: Tracks more than just blood pressure, detailed charts with trends, log glucose level

Cons: Doesn’t keep track of long-term trends

Overall: Ideal for keeping track of a wide range of health measurements, but look elsewhere if you want to visualize long-term trends

Blood Pressure Companion Pro (iOS) – Rating: 4.0

My third pick is Blood Pressure Companion Pro for iOS. I found this to be a great choice if you are looking for a blood pressure tracking app that is simple and easy to use. I also liked that the interface is highly intuitive and neatly presented. By inputting your blood pressure, heart rate and weight measurements, it will automatically generate comprehensive reports including a blood pressure chart and histogram. What I really like about it is that although it shows highly detailed information, the simple design makes it easy to find the information you need.

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When entering health tracking measurements, I would like to have seen the option to enter values with a keypad instead of with a spin wheel. At times I’ve found that entering data with a keypad can be quicker and less prone to errors. Hopefully, they can include this option in future updates!

Pros: Simple and easy to use, comprehensive reports, blood pressure chart and histogram

Cons: No keypad option for logging blood pressure measurements

Overall: Easily view comprehensive reports in a simple and intuitive interface, but keep in mind that you will rely on a spin wheel for entering health measurements

So, these are my top 3 apps for keeping track of blood pressure. Although I also found other great apps during my research, these are the ones that stood out because of their design and the variety of features they offer! If you want to check out other hypertension apps, I recommend you check out a site called AppGrooves, which was of a lot of help when I was narrowing down my top picks.

Top 10 Hypertension Apps

I hope you find my top picks as great as I do. Whether you are looking for a simple app for tracking blood pressure or an app where you can track other health measurements like glucose level, heart rate and more, you’ll find what you need. Stay safe and keep those blood pressure levels in check!

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