Perfumes from Italy: aromatic Mediterranean land

Perfumes from Italy: aromatic Mediterranean land

The fortunate territories to be bathed by the Mediterranean Sea narrate the multi-sensory bond between man, earth, sea and perfumes. Nothing better than a perfume from Italy to have these sensations on the skin just like those of Francesca dell’Oro’s line.

Liquid and Fragrant Mediterranean

Of course the FDO art perfume is inspired by the sea because of the perfumes that enhance it and tell the timeless charm of the people who

inhabit the shores of the Mediterranean.

The woods, leaves, flowers and fruits of this land evoke the sun, the wind and the aromas in bouquets that recall the union of man with its ancestral origins and the ancient exchanges of silks and spices with the Orient.

From which natural perfumes are the FDO creations born?

From the Mediterranean to the East, Francesca dell’Oro draws inspiration from the most precious elements of these lands to create mixes that evoke the most hidden sensations and release them through the skin.

Exotic aromas are mixed in the Bihaku fragrance, with tones of thyme and black pepper, enriched by the artemisia and chamomile flower to relax body and mind up to the sensuality of jasmine, tobacco, amber barks and cedar wood. The heart of the fragrance of Irupé, the perfume of the Black Series focuses on tuberose and gardenia, combined with melon and Victoria Cruziana which are mixed with mint leaves and laurel.

Mint crystallized in ice with laurel and cedar are the fragrance of Rosementhe that offers sensations of marine notes of the cold north with a touch of musk, juniper berries, cedar and sandalwood. Incense, juniper and white flowers added to the scent of coffee and aloe vera make up the White Plumage symphony. Differently the sweet notes of Voile Confit are born from the fragrance of candied fruit. Almond, jasmine, ginger and mandarin plus vanilla, tonka bean and sandal come together in the perfume Rubia Sucrée while exotic fruits and flowers with a cloud of talcum form Lullaby.

All these wonders of nature become tangible, magical and beautiful emotions. And the seven fragrances that are created through a skilful mix become a journey where balance and elegance become a single thing that gives a sense of infinite thrill.

A feast for the eyes of the perfumes of FDO because of the bottles carved as gems, which refract the light in contrails out of the ordinary and allow us to sense the emotions for the smell that arrive as soon as you open the bottle containing the precious liquid.

This rose of scents made of seven different but in some way united petals, represents the success of the perfumes made in Italy, especially with regard to the attention to detail and the agreement between fragrance and the emotions of the wearer on the skin.

In coclusion you have to remember that these creations by Francesca dell’Oro are impossible to find elsewhere because they are immersed in a remote and hidden emotional state that only the encounter of opposites can somehow reveal and, above all, bring the mind back to a positive state, making emotions live from the final very beautiful.

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