Two Compelling Reasons Money is the Right Gift to Ask For

Two Compelling Reasons Money is the Right Gift to Ask For

You’re basically all set. The tables and chairs are laid out. The tent that is spacious enough to accommodate a dance floor is already installed. All the ingredients and cooks are ready. And your event equipment will be put up upon your go signal. It’s going to be big celebration and you are anticipating a lot of attendants.

It is customary for guests to bring gifts even if you don’t ask them to, or even if you explicitly tell them NOT to. While we really appreciate such gesture, giving gifts in kind is sometimes not the best option for busy people like yourself.  Asking for money instead of items is good, and here are three of the most compelling reasons for that.

It’s convenient for your guests.

Like you, your guests are busy young people who just have a lot of things going on in their lives. Some are busy with graduate studies. Some are occupied with their careers. And then there are those who struggle in balancing family life with work and recreation. Unless they do it for themselves, gift shopping will most likely be at the bottom of their to-do list. You get this, and this is no reason at all to feel bad. So, just save them from all the pressures of getting you something and just ask them to bring in cash; if they really want to honor you with presents, that is. Giving cash is hassle-free. They can even prepare their bills at the last minute, and the haste wouldn’t be too obvious.

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Need an example of how convenient this would be for the guest? Just imagine someone who gifts his host a pair of James Harden’s Vol. 2 sneakers from Adidas. They’re nice and good but when the recipient tried them on, they don’t really fit. Unless he’s also given the receipt (which is highly unlikely and surely distasteful), the giver will have to go back to the store and have the pair replaced. If money was given in the first place, the ball is on the recipient. He will have the greater freedom to choose the pair that will fit him better; that is if he chooses to get shoes.

It avoids duplication.

Well, not really. You see, money is one of the things in this world that we actually want to see duplicate on their own! Kidding aside, giving gifts in kind could result in a guest giving the exact same item as another. Who has been to a wedding party and has seen the couple receive many photo albums, picture frames, cooking items, and plate sets? Who has been to a kiddie party and has seen the celebrant force a smile as he sees that the gift that he opens contains a toy that is similar to the one he just played with?  If only the gifts were in the form of cash, the recipients would have been able to decide to buy only the things that they need or want. Duplicate items still take up space, you know. The recipient will then be pressured to dispose of them.

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So, How to Ask for Money?

Now, let’s go back to you and the party that you are hosting. You may be wondering how you are going to make your guests know in a very nice way that you want money more than anything else.

Simple. Just add a short message about it in your RSVP invites. Be straightforward. Be honest. There is no need for lengthy cover-ups. We are in an age where practically reigns supreme. Need an example? Here’s one: ‘Your presence is enough. Should you decide that a present is still necessary, cash will be much appreciated.’ Your guests will understand, and hopefully comply.

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