Four Content Marketing dimensions for Customer journey

Four Content Marketing dimensions for Customer journey

In the world of the digital marketing services in the USA, content is of paramount importance. Business organizations are now focusing more than ever on the creation of the updated and creative content. In this tech-savvy world, where everything is digitalized, and customers’ shopping trends have also significantly changed. In such a radically changed environment, old content does not help enough to gain new organic traffic as well as to the revenue stream of the company.

Apart from this, companies are spending a hefty amount on the production of the creative content and working with a solid website promoter to get the web attention that they deserve.. According to a Digital Marketing Report, an average blog post cost is $900 for a company to develop. However, 80-90% of the blog traffic comes from a mere 10-20% of posts. This shocking result has compelled marketers to build a comprehensive content marketing strategy which involves more than a keyword placement game. Also, a couple of shallow blog posts which look as well as sound same every day. The ground reality is that almost 60-70% of the business to business (B2B) content goes unread. Hence, to ensure that the content you are creating makes the noise, you need to make sure of the following four points while creating content.

Content Diversification

Your audience is diverse when it comes to content consumption. It is advisable to diversify your content which includes visual as well as audible variations to lure customer attraction. Besides this, customer attraction becomes the reason for the increasing customer engagement, which adds value to the online business stream. Leading SEO services in USA help companies to optimize their content so that it ranks higher in SERPs. Apart from this, updated as well as optimized content helps the companies in attracting organic traffic. Moreover, it also provides you with an opportunity to become an authority for the customers. They take your recommendation or suggestion seriously while making a purchasing decision.

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Another dimension of content marketing in the realm of the customer journey is the persuasion. The six principles of persuasion include authority, consistency, scarcity, consensus, reciprocity, and liking. Further, it also includes how you encourage your online audience to move to another step- closer to the conversion proximity. The growing technological innovation has bombarded the online audience with the abundance of information; therefore, customer attention has significantly declined. In this context moving your potential customers one step closer towards you via content is an important task.

Sharing Motivation

Sharing of content is critical for online business via multiple digital mediums such as social media. It helps in reaching out to millions of people as well as targeting the relevant audience. There is a fundamental reason why online readers share content. This sharing not only helps a company in establishing its online authority over competitors but also creating a brand for the company. Besides this, it also helps in creating awareness among the potential customers.

Decision Making

Balanced content helps organizations to cater to all the potential audiences. It is advisable for companies to encompass emotions, facts and other such combinations while creating the content to lure customers. So that no possibility of negative sentiment has arisen against the company, and decision making becomes easy for the potential customers when buying a product or service from your company.


Summarizing the above discussion, to create compelling content which yields results not only for the company regarding increasing organic traffic but also helps in branding the company, the points mentioned above need to be considered. IPS USA is a digital marketing agency providing digital as well as web development services to its valuable customers.

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