Using techniques in Abstract Painting

Using techniques in Abstract Painting

Abstract paintings have their own beauty. They possess a large range of effects and contemporary imageries that are absent in portrait painting or landscape art. An accurate effect of abstract painting comes with these tricks which are going to be discussed later in an article;

Pouring is used to erase unevenness in a painting, giving it a smooth texture. The process contains rich colors, marbleized effects, a coating of smooth textures, which help to cover rough layers in a painting. It is extremely funny and tricky at the same time.

Though they look easier, they are not actually! There are two ways to pour when it is an acrylic painting: Coated and wash pours. They produce different types of pouring effects. If you are looking forward to learning these tricks, you have come to a right place. You can also find different pouring effects if you order picture to painting.

Coated Pour Technique:

The effects with coated pour look like an oil painting, with some extra colors and glossy effects. It is said that to use a more medium with acrylic paints and less amount or no water to be used at all. The result created will have more layers to it and is fluid. Moreover, the finish will be glitterier than other paintings.

Getting the technique right:

  • Try to get a very less amount of water with an acrylic pouring medium that means it should have less than half of the total amount.
  • Do not just keep on adding water which may make it thinner, you can test the medium on canvas, to check whether more water is needed or not.
  • You can use the extra medium to block the edges of the canvas with cover, container or block of wood.
  • You can check the layers by using some device while drying up them as well.
  • Applying the primer on canvas is a must before pouring.
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Water Pouring Technique:

Unlike coated pouring resembling the effect of oil painting, water pouring results with an effect of the watercolor painting. The colors will look shallow as an amount of water is more as compared to coated pouring.

Getting the technique right:

  • It is said not to use any medium in this type of pouring.
  • You can use more amount of water in this type of pouring.
  • Absorbing of the effect must be done as soon as possible.
  • It is not compulsory to cover up edges in this pouring to prevent them from flowing out.
  • To maximize the intensity of the effect, let the paint free flow on the surface, allowing the colors to mix with each other.

These pouring techniques are quickly caught up by the artists as they are brighter and colorful and tell the proper intensity of an abstract painting. You must try these pouring techniques in your next painting and can share your experience in the comment section given. Have a Happy painting!

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