5 Child Safety Products You May Not have Thought Of

5 Child Safety Products You May Not have Thought Of

The safety of your child is of chief importance. The following are a number of child safety equipment items that will make your life easier and ensure that your child is out of harm’s way.

In case your child is in actual danger and with the help of these products you locate your baby, it is also advisable to have self-defense weapons with you.

Giggle Bug Electronic Clip-On Child Locator Alarm

This technological tool gives you piece of mind when it comes to the safety of your child. It is an easy-to-use device that is attached to your toddler or your young child’s clothing. With the simple press of a button, the alarm of this electronic goes off. It works both indoors and outdoors. Whether you are at the beach, playground, store or mall, you can rest easy knowing that your baby is safe.

Child Guard Electronic Leash Transmitter and Receiver

No need to worry about your child getting lost in a busy place. This guard that is worn on the child’s wrist will send constant signals to you in case your child wanders beyond a set distance.

Advanced Teddy Bear Child Locator Alert

This wireless leash for your child sends an immediate notification to you whenever your baby strays. It has the ability to track your toddler or young child up to around 150 feet away.

Child Proof 3-Dial Combination Nickel Bottle Lock

Alcohol should always be consumed responsibly. That said, this product allows you to childproof liquor bottles by locking them. You can also lock dangerous bottles such as cleaning products or medications.

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UMS Shield DIY Bluetooth Motion Alarm System

This DIY alarm system can be used in your child’s room to ensure they are safe and secure. The iGoTracker when attached to your toddler’s or young child’s window or door, can detect movement and send it to your phone. Moreover, the night vision Wi-Fi camera is an excellent addition to the motion alarm system. This hidden indoor security camera is able to stream live video footage to your phone or other smart devices.

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