Why scuba diving is the best sport

Why scuba diving is the best sport

Scuba diving is one of the most extreme sports on the planet. In the underwater world, you can look at the beauty of small fish around a colorful tropical reef. You can feel the excitement of swimming along with turtles, dolphins or whales. With very little effort, you can make underwater videos that will delight your family and friends. As a scuba diver, you can see history unveiling, as you discover fabulous treasures and submerged cities. One of the best scuba diving Oahu experience, can start with you in a proper costume seeing the beauty of the underwater world.

Diving is an extreme sport that you can do almost anywhere in the world. From the wrecks from the Great Lakes to the tropical rainforests of Australia, from the California kelp forests to the rocky coasts of the Mediterranean, wherever water is, scuba diving can also be done. As long as you are healthy and have the necessary equipment and training, you can enjoy diving.

While you may find that there is too much information to be assimilated about diving, you do not have to be an expert in scuba diving to enjoy it. You can enjoy the pleasure of diving by completing a diver course, which certifies you for immersion up to 18 meters for the rest of your life. There are more complex diving and challenges that you can experience later, but the basic knowledge of scuba diving will allow you to start your own underwater adventure.

If you are not sure that scuba diving suits you or if you want to experience it without attending a full course then you can try to discover scuba diving through a two-hour session designed to introduce you to the underwater world, equipped with a diving suit, accompanied by a professional diving instructor.

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To enjoy diving in the area where you live, you will have to learn to use the equipment specific to that area. Although it may seem daunting at first sight, diving equipment is very simple to use. Like driving a car, you do not have to understand every aspect of the equipment in order to be able to use it. Just keep in mind that to have diving in other areas, or special dives, you need additional equipment and experience in using it. See more here.

Why scuba diving is the best sport fish

Diving equipment

With proper diving equipment, any diving instructor can penetrate under conditions of comfort and safety in the aquatic environment. Appropriate diving equipment offers the possibility of thermal comfort, effective motion and breathing compatible with the aquatic environment, allowing the diver to conduct a variety of underwater activities, depending on his experience and physical condition.

Below, we present the individual equipment for a self-contained diving with an open circuit breathing apparatus:

  • Neoprene diving suit = diving equipment component with the primary purpose of protecting the diver against cold and to some extent against injuries;
  • Rescue jacket – Compensation = Component of diving equipment used to regulate the buoyancy of the diver and to rapidly accelerate to the surface in an emergency;
  • Least Lift Belt = diving equipment component used to reduce the buoyancy of the diver;
  • Diving Viewer (diving mask) = diving equipment component, sealed on the diver’s face, forming a planar diopter allowing water visibility;
  • Respiratory tube and surface swimmer = accessory for diving equipment used for swimming in the immediate vicinity of the water surface;
  • Breathing Apparatus (Diving Bottles) = A set of diving equipment components that allow the diver to carry underwater the amount of compressed air needed for sinking;
  • Pressure regulator, having the role of releasing gas from storage pressure (from diving bottles) to ambient pressure;
  • Swim lambs = components of diving equipment used to increase the speed of diver’s movement under water and in swimming training;
  • Underwater compass = accessory of diving equipment used by divers for underwater guidance;
  • Watertight watch = accessory of diving equipment used for diving time, decompression times, upward speed;
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  • Diving pitcher = accessory for diving equipment used as a tool for cutting, scraping, scraping;
  • Underwater torch = watertight portable lamp used for local underwater lighting;

Submersible pressure gauge = air pressure gauge in immersion dip bottles.

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