Factors for Growing Long and Thick Eye Lashes

Factors for Growing Long and Thick Eye Lashes

Most women are in the same boat when it comes to eye lashes: they want to grow long, strong, healthy, and beautiful lases to accentuate the eyes and highlight the makeup as well. It is no secret that having long and thick lashes is a major key to beauty; and the good news is that you can get help in growing them.

Instead of being genetically gifted or waiting around to get lucky by growing long and thick eye lashes, there are natural techniques and different types of eyelash growth serum that will help you to achieve the types of results you are looking for. Try these tips for your lashes and experience a full and thick set of eyelashes:

1) Try Using Castor Oil or Olive Oil

If you want to add some serious volume to your lases, castor oil can help fight against organisms that destroy your growth. Here is how to do it: use a cotton swab to apply castor oil to lashes before bed, add in some liquid vitamin E oil, leave it on over night and then rinse it off the next morning. Repeat this for two months and you will be amazed at the results. In a similar manner, olive oil can be used to for thick hair growth since it is rich in vitamin E and oleic acid and helps to add on volume to hair in general.

Try this: apply the olive oil to your lashes using a cotton swab (before bed again), leave it on overnight, and wash it off with water in the morning. Again, you should see some nice results in just three months or less!

2) Use Lemon Peels for thicker lashes

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In addition to different oils such as careprost serum, lemon peels can be used to add on volume and help your lashes grow both thicker and also longer. Because the lemon peels contain both vitamin C and vitamin B and folic acid, they help to promote faster growth than letting the lashes grow out on their own. When combined with oils and other serums, they have help the oil to cleanse and stimulate the lashes.

Try this: put dry lemon peels into a small plastic tupperware container and pour olive oil and castor oil over the peels until they are swimming in oil. Allow the mixture to sit for a few weeks in room temperature climate, and then apply it to your lashes before going to bed. Keep it on overnight and then in the morning go ahead and wash it off with water. After a few months, again, you will be amazed at the yield of the results on your eye lashes; so try it out.

Factors for Growing Long and Thick Eye Lashes

3) Give your eyelashes a good brushing

Last but not least, you can brush your eyelashes if you want them to grow out thick. It will help to get rid of dust and also dirt particles that clog the pores and do not allow the hair to grow to its fullest and its thickest extent. In addition, brushing creates better blood flow so that the vitamins and mineral nutrients in your body get all the way to the follicles of the hair.

Try this out when brushing your eyelashes: place some vitamin E oil, petroleum jelly, or one of the many amazing products from okdermo skincare onto a soft bristled eyelash brush. Then, use the brush to apply the oil onto your eye lashes. Brush gently, stroking upwards and away from the eyes: start from the base of the eyelashes and move slowly toward the tip of the lash. Continue this brushing motion for 5-10 minutes on a daily basis and again, after a few months, you should see some really nice results!

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You may not have the genetics and you may not have time to wait around for your eyelashes to grow (which is good, because they will not grow thick and voluminous on their own very quickly); so you will have to use these natural techniques and natural ingredients to get the type of results that you are looking to get. Using these tips and ingredients can help you realize a full and thick set of eyelashes within just a few short months of attention.

Most woman share something in common: they want thick lashes that will grow out long and will look both healthy and beautiful. This can help them to highlight the eyes and bring out the colors of the makeup very nicely. The good news is that using these techniques and ingredients will help you achieve the desired results that you deserve.

Have some addition tips and tricks on the factors for growing long and thick eye lashes? We would love to hear your opinions via the commons area below; so write us a comment so we can begin a conversation.

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