Winter Outfit Ideas to Cover the Week

Winter Outfit Ideas to Cover the Week

The fashionista’s daily challenge during the cold winter months is how to stay warm enough while still looking cute and chic. Sometimes you just need some quick inspiration for your winter outfit ideas, like how to transform that favorite jacket into an awesome street style piece, or which women’s coats go best with your new pair of jeans.

Tip: the most important thing to remember when putting together a winter outfit is warmth; this should always be a priority. It wouldn’t do to be all cute and fashionable but you’re actually freezing in the cold. Even when your clothes look nice, all your sophistication will go down the drain when you can’t stop shivering!

There’s really no big secret to pulling off an amazing winter look. A quick and easy formula to remember would be fabric + layers + trends. Get familiar with fabrics, know how to layer, and have your eye on what’s trendy, and pretty soon you’ll master how to look good in winter clothes.

Allow us to nudge your inner fashion muse! Here is a curated collection of cold-weather looks to inspire your winter outfit ideas for the week.

Enjoy Sweater Weather to the Fullest

Knitted tops and sweaters are always at the top of the list when it comes to winter clothing. Knit fabrics are warm and comfortable and can be styled in a number of ways.

>A long-sleeved, ribbed knit turtleneck top in classic white or icy grey is perfect for the winter season. A fitted style is great for keeping your shape despite the thick fabric. On cool days, wear it bare or with one or two accessories, such as a statement necklace. You can pair this with dark wash skinnies and comfy ankle boots. When the weather gets colder, layer a hooded jacket or coat over it and finish the look with cozy gloves.

Winter Outfit Ideas to Cover the Week knees

>A bulky cable knit or similar type of sweater looks great layered over a pastel printed dress. Oversized sweaters are super popular this season, so take advantage of the trend and put together some cute winter outfits for going out in the cool winter weather. Don’t forget to add more layers if the day gets colder. A warm scarf and knee-high boots can provide the much-needed warmth while still letting you look chic. Also, for men, when it is chilly outside, it is wise to look into tailored suits that fit right and keep you warm in the cool breeze.

Winter Outfit Ideas to Cover the Week jeans

> Pair a fluffy wool sweater top with your favorite denims for a cute and casual outfit. For a head-turning look, choose a sweater with fun prints or interesting patterns. Fur-trimmed snow boots add a playful vibe while keeping your feet warm and safe from all that snow.

Winter Outfit Ideas to Cover the Week pose

>> Soft pastel shades and faded denims form an easy, casual outfit for any day of the week. To keep warm, wear a comfortable blouse under your sweater. Cap it off with a snug beanie to protect your head against the cold (and sudden gusts of wind). Color coordination is still evident in this look, as the black snow boots match the black blouse peeking out from under the sweater.

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Have Fun with Fur

No doubt about it, winter is the only time when we don’t second thoughts about wearing fur. Whether you go modest with fur accents or drape yourself in a rich fur coat, don’t forget to have fun and be comfortable. Don’t go overboard and bury yourself in a mountain of fur!

Winter Outfit Ideas to Cover the Week snow

>Fluffy faux fur trims on a fun black hoodie is an unlikely—yet totally trendy—combination. This is a look that definitely oozes street style savvy. Of course, color matching is still not forgotten, with the jeans and earmuffs balancing each other. Pastel pink gloves add a pop of color to this fun winter outfit.

Winter Outfit Ideas to Cover the Week wall

> Get ultra-lush and cozy by layering a fur vest over a trendy pink knitted turtleneck. Whether its real fur or faux fur, it will feel awesome AND keep you warm. A sleeveless cut balances the look so you don’t look like you’re drowning in fur.

Winter Outfit Ideas to Cover the Week in snow

>> Is your inner muse churning out winter outfit ideas already? Get inspired by this white-on-white outfit that totally screams White Christmas. A white sleeveless fur vest over a white knitted sweater and matching white beanie will give you ultimate comfort on those snowy days. Add some leather leggings or thermal tights and snow boots and you’re warmed up to the nines.

Layer Up for Warmth

When it gets really chilly, layered pieces are your best defense against the winter cold. Women’s coats will be your go-to outerwear on particularly nippy days. Plus, they’re easy to take off if the temperature gets warm again.

Winter Outfit Ideas to Cover the Week dancing

>A classic black or dark-colored belted coat is something you can wear even every day of the week, since it will go with practically anything in your closet. Layer it over a long-sleeved sweater for cozy warmth, and accessorize with a stole and hat to ramp up the style. Keep it cinched at the waist to accentuate your luscious curves.

Winter Outfit Ideas to Cover the Week glasses

> Go sleek and sophisticated with a trendy quilted coat reminiscent of all the Fashion Week runways. It’s the perfect weekday coat for any urban professional. Keeping your coat belted ensures that you don’t lose your shape under all that fabric.

Winter Outfit Ideas to Cover the Week runway

> Is it a coat? A poncho? Or both? Show off some runway vibe by transforming a poncho (or even a blanket!) into a trendy coat. Channel one of the season’s favored hues and layer a holiday red poncho over a sleek black sweater and fitted women’s pants.

Winter Outfit Ideas to Cover the Week orange

> Black or red not your style? Try mustard or brown women’s coats for a trendy ‘70s feel. Pair with a same-color leather shoulder bag or cross-body bag, and remember to belt it at the waist.

Winter Outfit Ideas to Cover the Week white

>> Want more coat inspirations? Check out the trendy styles in this display! Stripes, shearling, embroidery, cute patterns, bold reds — these are just some of the current trends you can play around with when planning your winter outfit.

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Accessorize for the Winter Weather

Hats, boots, scarves, and socks are essential accessory pieces for combating the chilly winter weather.

Winter Outfit Ideas to Cover the Week jacket

> When you’re all comfortable in warm layers, complete the outfit with a snazzy statement hat. How about an uber-cozy furry beanie?

Winter Outfit Ideas to Cover the Week sock

>Sheathe your legs in trendy striped socks, look cute and be warm all at once!

Winter Outfit Ideas to Cover the Week red

>> Over-the-knee socks under knee-high boots are guaranteed to keep the chill away.

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