7 Ways To Style Your Basic White Shirt

7 Ways To Style Your Basic White Shirt

The most versatile piece of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe is a white shirt. There are several possible outfits which can be created with it and there is a possibility for a new look every time.

We have 7 easy styling suggestions for you below. Try them out and flaunt away these trendy outfits.

Decide on your favourite look and show it off with confidence.

  1. High Rise Bottoms

A well- fitted pair of high waisted bottoms with your crisp white shirt makes this one of the chicest outfit combinations.

Teaming the shirt with denims or pants will make your legs look longer. You can even go for cute pair of shorts or skirt.

Tuck in your shirt neatly to show off your high rise bottoms. You can wrap a bright printed scarf to break the solids, around your neck or head, for a boho look.

2. Belt It

Wear your white shirt over leggings or pants and put a belt around the smallest part of your waist.

You can go for a embellished belt to jazz up your otherwise plain outfit, put on heels and flaunt your look on a night out. Or else, go for a simpler belt for a casual day affair.

3. Corset It

Look fabulous by wearing a hot corset over a bright white shirt. Ensure that the hem of the shirt isn’t too short, otherwise it would look messy.

You can choose from a wide variety of corsets ranging from satin, leather, mesh to steel- boned, cotton and velvet. Wear a crisp pair of dark blue or black jeans, sky high heels and you’re totally good to go.

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4. Layering

Wear jackets, capes or shrugs over your white shirt on a chilly day. Layering is also helpful if you want to hide your tummy or love handles.

It gives a successful ‘thinning’ effect. Team up the shirt with a cute checked skirt or printed shorts, a pair of black stockings and your favourite boots.

Accessorise your look with a warm muffler and a big handbag.

5. Beach Wear

Sun, waves and bikini. Look your best by putting on a thin, flowy white shirt over your swimwear or beach outfit.

It surely looks cool and will protect you from the sun (if you don’t want to get tanned!). Accessorise this easy look by wearing a cute straw hat and your sunnies. #VacayOutfit

6. Front- Back

Be bold and try on the new celeb- inspired trend of wearing your shirt backwards. Keep the top few buttons undone to look extra cool.

You can put on a pair of blue acid washed denims, a few chunky neckwear accessories and a big wrist watch.

7. The Under Shirt

Wear your shirt under a strappy printed top or bright dungarees. You can even wear it under a slip on dress. Put on a pair of white sneakers to look extra cool custom t-shirt .

This is a super comfortable yet stylish outfit. You can flaunt it on a shopping day or a casual coffee date.

Go on and experiment with these ideas or come up with new ones of your own. Remember ladies, a white shirt is truly your best friend.

For days when your mind is blocked while dressing up for the day, this is the only thing which will come to your rescue.

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Even the simplest look created with a white shirt will surely make you look great.

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  • Adorable styles! The white T-shirt is the basic piece that everyone owns. White t-shirts provide a stylish look and a comfortable fit. This can be used to create some amazing outfit. Thanks for sharing.

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