3 Scents and the Wonders it can do For Your Well-being

3 Scents and the Wonders it can do For Your Well-being

Scents trigger emotions. A whiff of chocolate chip cookies can bring back childhood memories. The salty sea smell can make people smile and reminisce about wonderful beach vacations. Even the scent of coffee in the morning can already perk up sleepy senses.

Aside from positive emotions, smells can also trigger people’s psychological tendencies and actions. That is why terms such as “scent of danger”, “smell of fear”, or “nose for news” are coined.

Industries have been built on the basis of scents – perfumeries, candle-making, even designing car interiors (in the case of Volvo’s dedicated Nose Team that checks the luxury car’s interior for any untoward or allergy-inducing smells). Even bakeries and fruit stands are placed in mall’s entryways to drive consumer behavior and entice people to buy.

The emotions that people feel when they smell something are not only a figment of imagination. There is a science behind this phenomenon. The olfactory neurons relay impulses to the brain upon smelling something. This smell goes through the olfactory nerves and throughout the limbic system, triggering memories and emotions that people associate with certain scents.

Take fragrance candles, for instance. These scented candles, especially those that are made with essential oils and plant extracts, are works of wax that can promote calm, clarity of mind, and relaxation. Specific notes have specific effects on the body and have been known to be therapeutic tools in relieving stress, increasing confidence, and even easing sorrow.

Here are three commonly used candle scents that can do wonders for your well-being:

1. Cinnamon

Commonly known as a condiment that adds a distinct taste to both savory and sweet dishes, the scent of cinnamon can be also be used to stimulate physical and emotional feelings.

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It’s sweet and warm smell is effective in helping one concentrate and perform better when doing tasks. Cinnamon’s scent is also proven to enhance cognitive function and memory that is why cinnamon-scented candles are helpful for students who are studying to keep their mind active. It may also be used while doing crafts or when giving presentations.

Cinnamon fragrance also eases tense muscles and relieve joint pains. Combined with other substances, like ginger, it can reduce symptoms of sore throat and colds.

The smell of cinnamon can also eliminate mosquitoes. While its oil can make a great mosquito repellant, it can also drive away mosquitoes by simply adding a pinch of cinnamon powder in a glass of warm water.

2. Citrus scents

Citrusy scents such as orange, lemon, grapefruit, and lime can be great mood boosters. Candles with citrus notes can help make people more energized and alert.

Lighting up a grapefruit-scented candle in the mornings can help give someone a positive attitude and an energetic vibe that can power them up for the whole day.

Lime is said to have mythical powers and can help in lifting up one’s spirit by driving out negative thoughts. This scent can help regain zest for life and provide a more positive outlook.

Oranges are usually the more common citrus scent used in candles. Mixed with other scents like floral aromas, it produces a deep, earthy smell that is good for relaxation and summoning happy thoughts. It is also said to be a mood tonic that can help alleviate depression and can help in the cognitive functions of people with Alzheimer’s disease.

It is best used as gifts for Christmas when the fresh scent reminds people of the warmth of summer. Lemon-scented candles are also great for masking pungent odors like smoke so it can be a fresh, lively scent to light up by the entrance to your home. Lime triggers the appetite so the kitchen or the dining room can be the best spot for lime-scented candles.

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3. Rose

Aside from its aesthetic qualities, roses can be a good scent for aromatic candles. Rose-scented candles can help in invoking feelings of joy, happiness, hope, and love. Like lavender, candles infused with the rose smell can aid in managing stress and depression. It has a soothing and calming effect that lowers breathing rate and blood pressure, resulting to a relaxed mind and body. It has antidepressant qualities that help uplift moods and give a positive boost to people struggling with anxiety and shock.

The rich, floral smell of roses can also help uplift the mood, enhance energy, as well as relieve headaches. It will be a nice gesture to gift people who have experienced loss with a rose-scented candle to help them cope with the pain. It is not a magical potion that will drive away the ache and anguish but its uplifting qualities can help calm the mind and inject a positive air. And, if you want to do even more for your wellness than simply improve it through scents, do some research on so make sure you are understanding the care and health guidance that you need for optimal living.

The power of smell can help manipulate moods, trigger memories, and can work as terrific therapeutic tools. Used in candles, these olfactory treats can not only provide a sigh of relief for weary bodies but also shed light on troubled minds.

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