Top 10 Indian bridal jewelry trends for 2018

Top 10 Indian bridal jewelry trends for 2018

Can’t wait for your groom to be? Dreaming of your ideally hand-picked prince charming? Or you are in love, and planning for marriage? Do you love to spoil yourself? Are diamonds your best friend and gold your next best friend? Planning to dazzle your groom with your look during the wedding?

If you too, love to compliment your beauty with the perfect ornaments, then you too have no longer to wait. Be it bridal jewelry or wedding jewelry, Jaipur wedding jewelry stores act as a one stop shop for the best of the lot, at the best possible prices.

Indian weddings are not only unison of two souls but two families too. With the extravagant affairs weddings today are, with men trying to out-do men from the other side and women trying to outshine ladies in their opposite ranks, and both sides trying to exceed the other in grandeur, a lot of players have gained importance, all in the areas of services with a regal touch.

Very important players in this vein are, wedding jewelers, they have worked on their chains, cuff-links, bracelets and rings as well, for the grooms-to-be too.

One of the most royal, picturesque and traditionally steeped cities, with some of the finest weddings in the country, is of course, The Pink City Jaipur. Famous for its royal, larger than life weddings, over the centuries and decades, the capital of Rajasthan has first developed into a center then flowered into a hub for the best quality wedding and bridal jewelry.

The traditional jewelry is famous for its intricate designing, aesthetically perfect look, sense of grandeur and expertise in creation of the best quality jewels and jewelry sticks out like a shiny emerald in the surrounding Thar Desert.

Already providing a base for a long established service, weddings (both usual and grandeur) act as life-blood for not only the wedding jewelers, but to a very large extent adds to the charm of the city. The expertise levels here are pretty much unbelievable, not only the best designs and quality of jewels are provided here, but recognizing that India is a diverse land with people from all parts, of all races, and different colors coming together, jewelers in Jaipur have taken wedding preparation, and make-up to a whole different level, also providing for jewelry according to skin tone.

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Top 10 Indian bridal jewelry trends for 2018 woman

Their attempt being not to make the jewelry look beautiful, but trying that it merges into the lady and compliments her, making her look the best possible version of herself. We do know that in our country, not only do weddings define social standing, they are an affair talked of for years (at least in the family), thousands of pictures are clicked of not only the marrying couple and everyone, (from the bride’s grandmother to the groom’s niece dress up to their best).

It is an occasion which not only unites two souls, but two families too, and first impressions holding great value every-one tries to be the most attractive and beautiful, and in this endeavor, natural beauty aside, the clinching role is played by not only the material and design, but the kind of jewels and how does the wearer carry them off.

If you have been recently been to a royal wedding in Jaipur, a memory that stirs the mind is the sheer amount and the pure quality of the jewels on display, the dictum of men looking like princes and women like princesses never seemed truer, and now reflecting back on those evenings, it was in no small part down to their glittery apparels provided by wedding jewelers.

Top 10 Indian bridal jewelry trends for 2018 beauty

Imagine going to a wedding, where not only does the bride look like a fairy, the groom like a king, and all people (members of the families and all their guests) look dressed appropriately enough to be in a king’s Diwan-i-Khas, where yours truly, felt almost naked without a shred of jewelry on him.

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After that, any one would definitely run to the best suppliers of wedding jewelry in India, and there you can realize the difference a few well placed, good quality ornaments can have on an unremarkable and ordinary visage. The best thing that the jewelers at Jaipur do, they notice your skin tone, and then provide you with options for jewelry according to skin tone. This makes the buying so much easier and fun for the jewelry lovers.

You can imagine the pleasure, the satisfaction such intricate pieces of art give to a person. It feels as if those pieces were specially designed you. Such an amazing experience, while shopping for wedding jewelry will change your concept about the relevance of spending on jewelry in general, and during weddings.

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