Nicole is our design assistant and collateral manager extraordinaire! Not only is she a talented designer, she's brilliant at whipping up new and innovative ideas for our clients.

Nicole is one of the most adorable people I know; she is uber-talented, amazingly smart and insanely funny. You should see this girl's dancing-in-the-car moves – they are off the charts! Nicole's incredible design skills combined with her love of office supplies and color swatches make her the perfect powerhouse to help Emily with client collateral. Along with her Making Brands Happen work, Nicole is the Editorial Assistant for Southern Weddings Magazine. Always ready with a smile, Nicole brings unparalleled enthusiasm and positivity to every project she takes on. I am so grateful to not only work with such an incredible woman, but to call her my friend!

Kristin is our client concierge and fabulous project manager. She makes sure our clients have what they need and all their questions are answered. She's their personal cheerleader!

Kristin is just like the big sister I've always wanted. Not only does she rock some cute outfits, but she's just phone call away when you need encouragement, advice, or to know whether or not to pair that top with that belt. Her grace and reassurance makes her an ideal right-hand woman and client concierge for Making Brands Happen. With great Southern hospitality and quick thinking, she's always ready to lend a hand and lead the way. I love Kristin's business sense, friendly demeanor and ability to juggle fifty things at once.